Custom titles on forums


How do i get one of the custom titles for example, killin’s?


Only moderators can create them for you. I asked elcent quite a while ago and he said that he does not supply them unless special reasons (like a contest) because if he hands them out, then everyone would start asking for one and it would turn into chaos


Ah. Just curious. Because killins is killin a slave of his own mistakes or something like that.


That was @Elcent for sure


You just had to ping him




Wow, I didn’t know about this…

I been here and didn’t know this. Hmm

If I were to have a title I choose AnimeGuy or AnimeFreak.


i would have had picked shovelknight


Heyyy look up there ^^^


Killin has numerous creations within the game so I thought it was only fair to grant his request. Generally if you PM me and ask I will always say no.

If you have a good name and think you can tempt me to make it for you then feel free to message me. However I have only given a total of about 3 out that were non competition related over the last year so don’t expect to get it!


Well then xD might be worth a shot