Custom/Private Worlds or a Event only world

So I’ve always wanted this sort of idea on battle dawn, I’m not too sure if it’s been suggested before and turned down or what.

But I think it’s a nice way to allow players to create and host more events to bring a bit of spice back to battle dawn with player created ideas without having to bug an actual admin to run the events on official worlds. It could allow new and better ideas to be created by players, by being able to experience running a world and understanding what tools are available to them to host these sorts of events and modify the worlds playing conditions.

It could also allow battle dawn to earn a bit of money so that this custom world can run none boosting rounds, but at the same time, you guys don’t lose money. Well depends on I guess how much you’d charge compared to how much you get from boosters which I’m sure is a s**t ton.

These sort of worlds could be used for any sort of thing, for instance, a person could be a nice helpful player that wants to create a world dedicated to teaching new players the ropes without boosting and having an easier platform to teach them how to play the game, for instance, create AI colonies or set up/modify other players colonies (Who are there to be attacked by the new players to help with attacking strategies)

Maybe two or more big groups of people think one are better than the other and decide to battle it out against each other in a private world.

Or someone might just like to sit and watch as an admin and play the world out how it’s supposed to be, I’ve played worlds where admins are not proactive (I respect they have lives that they do before the game) but I mean maybe if an era is during a holiday do something funny in the middle era/on the holiday day (easter, valentines day), or actively release garrisons and relics as some worlds seem to drag for this sort of stuff or never see garrisons. Maybe they can add some flare into the world make people enjoy the standard eras again.

These may not be the best examples of why it should be a thing and maybe I’m the only one that likes this sort of idea, if not maybe someone else can post below on why it’s a good idea and help me out :D.

Oh @Rob likes the idea he told me so :slight_smile:

If the staff of battle dawn doesn’t like this idea. Maybe to add a bit of flare or more event type eras you get 1 world or maybe two (Earth and Mars :stuck_out_tongue: ) and get an Admin, new one or current I suggest new. That is an admin who is there to run these two worlds purely as event worlds and they hold polls to pick what events will run on these worlds and it’s there job to keep these events running.

This will keep all the current worlds as they are, stop people bugging and contacting your admins to change their standard eras or plans for eras into event eras. This way rather than having to have users posting threads all the time polling ideas for events then hoping an admin is willing to play along they can just contact this events admin and he can host polls himself and set up the events himself.
(I’m sure you have better people for the job but if this becomes a thing pick me to do it pretty please :grin: :wink:)

EDIT: Maybe 1 new world might be better that way the events are not run to there bare bones and no longer fun. This would give a wide range of swapping around different events on one world for a while and it will take longer to circle back to an event so it’s less boring and people can focus on one event rather then two :slight_smile:


Im 100% this isnt possible without higher ups agreeing to it- and the convo would go like this… YOU WANT SOMEONE THAT ISNT A MOD TO RUN THEIR OWN WORLD? ARE U INSANE??

I gathered this would be the sort of response they’d get, but at the end of the day when thing like battlefield and other games are able to do it why not battle Dane. I mainly suggested it because they seem like there getting back into developing it and maybe it’s something they could add.

However if not, it’s why I suggested a possible events only world and event only admin for said world.


Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will work. One of the things you aren’t quite thinking of here is that games that do this (battlefield, etc.) are games in which you pay for the game 1st, then you get to use it’s features. Battledawn has always been a free to play game with buyable perks. The biggest issue I see with this idea is that if you allowed it, why would anyone join a non-custom match of BD ever again? You could just create a no-boosting world and no one would want to rejoin a boosting one. Then we have a downward slope of people spreading out so thinly that no worlds will have much of a population. I know where you were trying to go with this idea and I like that idealism, but the consequences would likely kill BD as a whole.

This part however, I do find interesting. Keeping a world specifically for special events (maybe 2) could be interesting. But instead, I’d like to think of it more as a test world for new ideas. See if a certain kind of event will work out or not with the community. Use it as a way to play with ideas and test them out, see how players like it or dislike it. Keep era’s short and sweet. If the idea is received well, bring it over as special event on another world.


I do see what you mean essentially that’s a possible bad side effect that last thing need is to thin the community out that it’s not worth playing on any world.

Maybe if it was tweaked so there was a limit like a single or maybe two rentable worlds that could be used for events.
That players could rent out and host there’s events, they could be placed in a queue till it’s there turn to use one of the worlds, that might fix that possible gaping hole and not add in an unlimited amount of custom/private worlds spreading the community thinly.

However all that being said I do agree as well I think my alternative suggestion may be a better idea. I see you’re twist on it may work well as well, honestly not to sure if I like my idea as it being a solely event world or like your idea where’s it’s used to test new events for the main worlds to use every now and then. Very interesting.

Thanks for the feedback on the suggestions to :+1:

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Impossible, how many servers wud they have to buy/rent , very costly