! ~~ Custom Perks ~~!

So there are only 2 perks in the game so far, why not add more and make the game more entertaining? For a sprite to be implemented in a game, Xzyckon and Elcent/other mods have to approve it and the team will make it an official perk. (Sizing is the most important)

Look, there are hundreds of sprites, with the amount of game sprites, there would be infinite possibilities! This will encourage players to be creative and bring their ideas to the game

What do you think @Sarah247 and @Mohadib?

  • This is a good Idea!
  • Nah, Pumpkin and Christmas hat perks are fine.

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yeush dis very guud idea sarahs you need 2 amplamunt this liek rite nao im supra cereal.


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I’d totally get the palm tree and the Fluxeon

P.S. Lmao @Mordulec why

(I respect your opinion though lol)

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I really like the torso that’s the far right on the top row


Did you win? :smile:

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I can’t use the mech so no

The problem would be if some otakus put anime perks… :frowning:

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The best idea ever xDDD


That’s disturbing.

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That’s what happens when 2d mixes with 3d

Theres 3 perks tho. Not 2. Pumpkin torso, christmass hat, and unicorn horn

There’s 5 afaik. You missed Shrinking and Goat ones.

Edit: did well using afaik, since RALFMAN posted some more perks I wasn’t aware of.

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There are tiny mechs, big mechs, golden mechs and mythical color perks too.

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Oooo. Xzyckon, get shat on, boiiiiii. You said theres only 2

Wha? :confused:


[details=character limit]> ----------

ttt alex ples remove this character limit i still don't understand why you made this a thing[/details]
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I like the rainbow colors

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i mean yeah that would be troublesome but hey,if it turns out cool or cute i WILL buy that perk