Custom Parts? #TooShortTitle


I saw that some people show their Custom parts like in here: #Here
Is it common photoshop made or there is special program for it? For true i would like to try to make some custom parts too.


In the link you posted there is an Archive section…

If you follow the links you will see how he makes them …

Long story short and to skip reading the posts (like i did :stuck_out_tongue: in order to find the info)
here is the link you seek :smiley: :


Well, when can i find the sprites? dont tell me i have to cut them myself


if you find where get sprites tell me, i need some to finish things for things… on things…


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mmm sounds more easy than extract sprites from gba or nds… yawn :sleepy: but still be lot of nerdy work… :joy:


You mean this?

Sure, i’ll try


sorry if you find my post difficult …

… BUT I cannot risk being banned more than I already have done by
answering with the above post …

If I could, I would give you the pics myself BUT then I would be surely accused of something against
the rules and banned.

If you ask any Moderator like @Alexander , @Fluffeh, @Malicewolf or @Xzyckon (which by the way made the customs you see and wanted to do) and say I can help you further or give you the sprites,
Then so be it…!

Until then happy to help and see ya.


@ODZ To answer your questions on this subject;

  1. I use GIMP to edit these sprites, occasionally with Inkscape if I need to make a custom mask.

  2. You can get these sprites by downloading the SuperMechs APK but beware, you will need adobe flash or illustrator in order to convert them from a vector (.svg) format to a bitmap/raster (.png) format, doing so with other programs have ended in corrupted or messy images for me. I get @Fluffeh to extract them for me when the APK gets updated as he has the software.

Sorry for the late response, I’m not as active on the forums as I used to be.


@Xzyckon Well excuse me for barging in but actually in the apk file are the .swf files.

The only way to get what he wants is: Instructions on reverse engineering SM

Which is off public eyes but you as a leader can see …


Yep that’s right, the .swf files


Hi My Youtuber Super mechs

Custom Mech

Neon Eagle:

Hitpoints:425 HP
Energy cap:220
Heat Cap:85
Electric Resistance:8
Physical Resistance:8
Weight:385 kg


Enjoy :gift::joy::horse_racing: