Custom boss done :D

What do you this?

it has 1360 Hp
260 Energy
347 Heat
100 Energy Regen
130 cooling


I assume this is in normal difficulty?

yes in hard its

2039 Hp
569 Energy
657 Heat
199 Energy Regen
298 Cooling

That’s crazy.
On Insane it’s gonna be brutal lol.

its an end boss…
insane mode:
3806 Hp
900 Energy
1200 Heat
359 Energy Regen
478 Cooling

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Why though?

What’s it for?

maybe an end boss… or something to show off

Insane is clearly insane

Boy oh boy, I don’t know what but, that boss has a blind spot, it is the range 2 infront it.

That boss seems easy using Phys weapons…

ooh but it can still walk

This really is a final boss since a final boss has to be abusively hard to kill

Well yeah but, the AI of Supermechs is kinda sh*te, so that means it would waste all of it’s special items first, until it goes to walk, and very easy using physical weapons with a Night eagle or Might Cannon. Probably add a Seraphblade?

can you send the sprite?

Oh, just go to the Maxed Mythical Listings topic, you’ll fight alot of sprites, just remove the background and done.