Current Mech I'm Working On


sorry but… this is a bad build…


U look like u are new ur current build isnt bad for your lvl but only invest into items that can be transfored into myth (has a yellow dot) and try to make a build with one type

I used a kinda random heat mech to finish campagin on normal then i started grinding overlord mission 6 to start build a good mech with myth items

Guys…Leave him alone,he’s just a beginner.
We were all beginners once,keep that in mind.

Hello there and welcome to the forum,new friend.Please ask us about anything!


I gave him tips im not being rude

I was talking about HK and TYYM (he liked his comment,thus agreed).

Oh its the yo yo man


I liked his comment for truth.
But still i ain’t parting some rude words.

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Also can u see who liked a comment?

@cosmicdabear Welcome to the forum man…
First, i will give the advice that everyone here knows… you need to choose the type of mech that you wanna use… there’re 3 at the moment… They are users of energy,like me, who likes to drain the energy from the enemies so they cannot attack you, there are too the heat type, which they make the enemy overheat and have a shutdown, incapable of attack for the next turn… and finally, there are the physical type, which consist, basically, of pure raw damage on the hp of the enemy… after you choose which one you want then we can really help you :slight_smile:

Edit: never use two types of weapons together, because you will need to balance your mech between the two and it will become a mess.


I think you should upgrade your common modules to rare :slight_smile:

For the first ranks to 15 Go for a Physical with high Heat/Cooling and with High or Decent Damage output

Yeah, unless you can optimize(add a heat bomb or emp to a phys mech, and you can save yourself for a turn)that is only true when in top ranks

sorry but we try not to promote hybrids


yeah. sometimes hybrids go right and sometimes don’t…

dont u mean orange?