Current Login Issues - 28-02-2018

Hey Pilots,

We’re getting a flood of reports right now with login issues for Supermechs.

We’ve sent a message about this to the developers of Super Mechs and they should get around as soon as they are able to. Sadly currently it’s deep in the night where the Super Mechs team lives, this issue having started far past their midnight, as such response time may be delayed. :frowning:

From what it appears it should be solved relatively quickly once the devs get to it, as long as no further complications arise. Sadly considering the poor timing of this issue that may end up having to wait for the early morning :frowning:

Thank you everyone for your patience!


First and can u help me and Killin with a password glitch in bugs snd issues every time we use traditional forum to change our in game password guess what it only changes the forum password instead of our in game password yay -_-

Sorry, I work on one of our other games and am merely here to assure everyone that this can and will be solved and it’s not just them or anything like that.

I’m sure @Sarah247 would be happy to help you though, and if this is the issue I think it is, I think the SM team is already looking into it!


Welp get sarah attention please and direct her to my post

Lmao I literally tried to log in for the first time in months but couldn’t


Alex can you help me with an issue in the old forum?

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Thanks @alexander this has been going on for at least 8 hours and haven’t heard from @Sarah247

the cert issue could have been resolved in minutes - at that point…


We need you back in the SM Dev Team.


Hey could u make a post about this to attract ALOT of attention

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of potential items b/c of the glitch…

Sorry, only heard of this myself a bit ago, friend in the community called me up.

Very to hear it’s taken so long, but I can assure you they will take care of it ASAP.


Mike u talkin about the password glitch?

Yes. It constantly says “incorrect password” when I log in.

POINT IS There is a glitch where when you change password it only changes it for forum instead of in game

Yep mike it annoying u gotta use ur old password to sign in

Have to remember tacticsoft don’t have a very large team and generally all live in the same timezone. Just have to put up with it a little longer I’m afraid, they’re evidently on the case now.


Never thought of that… But there’s also the expired certificate thing so I will have to wait a while to get on to SM.

Well actually u can just do “trust session” and log on and play fine, what is your name on supermechs

My name is NickelFifer. I am playing on PC (phone out of batteries).