Current downtime

Hello dawners,

Our apologies for the current down time, it’s unfortunately beyond our control but we expect/hope for it to end soon.

This downtime only affects the Battle Dawn server and should not extend to our other games.

Due to the extended downtime, we’ve decided to pause the ticks so that people will get ample time to call each other once it is back available.

Ticks will start again with a warning up front of at least 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience!


Estimated time for fix?

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Sadly no, it’s not something we can fix :frowning:

The server itself is fine, there’s no bug or issue on it or the likes.

It’s just not accessible for a while. Worst case scenario we’ll try changing a few things up there, but that would cause a lot of issues itself so hopefully that will not be needed.


Hopefully, the problem would be fixed soon. In case there will be any changes, I hope it would happen on the area of the reward system. The token reward should be increased by more than a half, so that those players who ended up on the top 2 - 3 alliances, could stand a chance against the boosters on the next era. I mean, people nowadays are getting screwed up by most of the boosters because they themselves have nothing. However, if they have tokens as well to boost from those eras they have won from being in the top 2 - 3, then probably they might stand a chance. Just saying.:disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile::joy:

Server will run ticks again in 3 hours!


Hey Alexander, is this issue happening again? I cannot connect to BattleDawn at the moment and before now the servers were being very slow all day. @Alexander

BD has been experiencing issues for some hours now. It seems like BD just came back up and is running smoothly. Alex has informed us that he will freeze ticks now. He’ll monitor the servers for the next hour and if it continues to run smoothly, he will enable them and trust them to run through the night(EU).