Current Downtime (24-02-2018)


Hello Commanders,

Our apologies for the current downtime we are experiencing.

We’re investigating the cause and we will post updates as we learn more.

For now we’ve disabled the tick engine so that we can give a sufficient warning as soon as it’s back online, we’ll post an announcement for when we’ll turn it back on.

Thank you for your understanding and, again, apologies for this issue :frowning:



Thank you for letting us know, Alexander.


Never fun to have the game go down but I trust in Alex to restore the game promptly if the issue is something in his control.


Been waiting all day, hope it comes back soon.


Any update? :frowning:


BD is back up. We’ll be adjusting the timers in a bit. Expect at least 3 more hours of sleep, probably more.

Want to make sure people get a chance to call everyone and make their move etc!


What about daily bonus? I missed it because of that :frowning:


thank you very much, Alexander. please do let us know.


In approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes from now ticks will resume running (at their usual times - so the first 3 tickers at 00:20, then 2 tickers at 00:30, 1 tickers at 1:00) assuming nothing else breaks.

Thanks for your patience everyone.