Crystal farming allowed


I thought it was a normal conversation. Didn’t feel like I was corrected. You clarified the situation, which was kind. But I understand that it was meant as a correction. Apparently I annoyed you. That wasn’t my intention.
But Excel… again… let it go. For me this topic can be closed. Anything else to add is a waste of your and my time.


get corrected boi

no you! your comment was clearly entirely useless and said nothing you hadn’t already said. so commenting and telling me to let it go is really ironic! so if you were to comment again, it would be really ironic since you are replying pointlessly to my comment pointlessly replying to your pointless comment. See how that works? ty



Your opinion…
Never heard of you before, but its clear to me what kind of person you are: Salty, and wants to have the last word. Behavior normally seen from kids. But its ok. Reply on this. I won’t reply again :joy:


Can some admin close this damn topic


yeah this is clearly not a joke and not amusing at all

im 11 leave me alone


alfie dont make me start