Cryptocurrency Mining Feature!

I want to express my thoughts about this idea.

I strongly oppose to this concept and here’s why:

I think that the addition of this feature,cryptocurrency mining,is not fair.

For short,this whole idea is basically asking us to work ourselves in order to produce money in Tacticsoft’s stead.

Asking your players to produce for you is not a right thing to do.
It’s shameless in my opinion.
We already are a source of income for them as we spend money to buy tokens and watch (forced) ads.
But this optional ‘‘produce for us’’ idea is wrong on a whole different level (again,in my own opinion).
We are not only customers and producers,not milking cows either,we are players above all and members of a community.

This thing is using our resources ‘‘for the greater good’’ to test a mining feature.
Why,do they plan to add this to the site,but in a suppressed form so we don’t notice?
Even if that’s the case,that’s okay with me…As long as they’re not asking me to be a good peasant and deliberately make money for them!

What do we get?
Maybe we obtain an almost-decent income of tokens for now (100-500 times) but after,will we really get just 1-2 tokens an hour with the pc at full-power?
No,thank you.

Moreover,what do they do with the money?
They lower drop rates,they take out our favourite game modes and even give us almost nothing for the money we spend!

This is my point.

Your even more disappointed fellow player,
Lake V.


Its not like were spending anything though… we are getting optional free tokens!
Although, I really suggest they put a warning in the info, that it is not for weak computers

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I will say this in the comment section,as i don’t want these words to show up in the main post (so it won’t somehow get taken down).

This whole concept is a big ■■■■ YOU straight in our faces.


We are doing optional communitary work for them.

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Hence the word “optional”

Not at all actually.
Its an experiment, not even an update yet.
Further more you don’t have to participate.
In the forum announcement they were not conceited, pompous, or degrading in any way. Mohadib himself stated its optional nature first thing.
Dont get caught in the mod mentality of automatically hating something beause you want to hate it, cause then you are not thinking for yourself.

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Indeed.While I agree with you,am I opposed with the idea itself.
Furthermore,testing something means that it’s intended to be added in one way or another,right?

Yeah,just like they ‘‘tested’’ the 2v2 update…


It is the same way they tested the transform pack

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I do feel this is different though, as this is a different, more possibly controversial thing.
Also, about the “milking us like cows” thing, keep in mind that they are paying us 50$ worth of tokens for each $1 they make, so they are losing money.

For now.
Yeah,’‘losing’’ the money we got them in the first place.

Did you see how many people still got the relics,after they were supposedly taken out?

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Tokens are in-game currency, used only in the game…

Crypto is an equivalent of dollars…which can be used to buy things outside the game (and ingame, obviously ^^)

See the thing ?

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I swear !

I got one today…

EDIT: I have proof

EDIT bis: I already reported it, waiting for reply of Sarah…

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That means that,because they are the ones distributing them,also the ones that came up with them in the first place,they can duplicate as many as they want.
Two clicks and they can give any amount of tokens as it’s free for them.
They would give us tokens,not real money,unlike us…
That’s the point.

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The thing is, tokens are essentially money for them, as the purchase of tokens is what allows them to make money and pay their staff.

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But the mining is whole another thing.

Tokens are free for us,first of all because they are the ones that manage them and because they came up with them.
They don’t pay for their own tokens,dude…
Monero,on the other hand…

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Well do you expect them to make no money?
With the playerbase drop they have to compensate and with the need for more resources cause of bd earth arena they have to increase revenue.
This was a good way to do it.

There are WAY more pleasant ways, for BOTH sides…

and remember than players happy=players who who spent money more easily=more income

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They already make money,man…

Well,excuse me because I don’t want to use my resources to get them money to put in another game (while this one is going to see its own ruins soon).

But man,we are players,not a piggybank.

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Thats cool, just dont use the feature then.