Cry about everything

This thread is to cry about anything you want . Why go start a -------- is OP thread just cry your little eyes out in here . I will start

I want to whine about -------- is OP threads . They are pointless . They are selfish and self centered . Build better mechs I say .


I want to cry about Elc mechs.

They are always beating my butt.



i wanna cry that im so slap happy and terrified!!!if ya want to know why just ask LUL


Nerf box drops, too good for us


I want to try about joeyjojojunior not participating in the last person to post thread, as well as not completing the Space oddity last parody


I wanna cry because my exams are starting in June and im not mentally or physiclay ready…


I want to cry that I procrastinated too much and have an exam tomorrow that I’m under-prepared for.

also that shit where E.T dies in eliott’s arms has me in pieces.

EDIT: just read marija’s and I’m like yass gorl same.


My semester ends on 31st May, and first exam is 1st June. I think I dont have to say anything else. Only that I have 10 exams left to pass this year lol


luckily, since I got 72% on the midterm assignment I only need like 30% in this exam to reach the passmark for this year and come back next year, but even that’s looking like a challenge :pensive:

wish me luck my dudes, I’ll be back to cry again tomorrow if I drop the ball.

otherwise, I’ll be out drinking :wink:


I guess you have different system, anyway good luck

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My district just finished our exams, called PARCC

I get my grades back in the summer, hope all goes well.


dont jump 2



The EMP is crazy!Instant drain from the first round!!

They nerfed Seraph,the one thing that actually put up such a fight against them when used properly!

I’m not getting barely anything from the money I could buy a moto leather jacket with…Instead,I choose to spend them on epics.

I’m not getting any L-M’s,let alone legendaries in general.This keeps me at a point blank,where I just finish maxing my builds and then make no progress…

I hate the smurfs in the arena.A couple I agree with,buy the rest…They kill my good vibe.They give me such hard time amd piss me off,forcing me to play something else to change the mood.

Where the hell is my StormWeaver??

When KilliN amd electrics cried,Seraph was instantly nerfed.When I and many other cried,we got the finger.

The raids are not impossible to beat,but DAMN,it’s so hard!

I hate the new update idea.And I know they’ll implement that crap,ruining my time even more!

Tokens are too expensive for the cheap rubbish that I (and many others) got.

I hate the smarta…Intelligent behinds.

I hate the fact that the game is unfair,and that in so many ways.Top craved items,turns,luck etc,you all know them very well already.

I hate it when a phys with 1,526 hp beats me just because he had the turn advantage.Cheap builders but lucky as hell.And yes,if you see this message,I hate you!Grow up already and stop whining over every win,you cheap son of a monkey!

I hate the Claw.It unbalanced stuff and now the devs have another excuse to kill our ranges => destroy our poor builds even more.

So,if I give arguments to an actual argument,I’m the bad guy?Looking at you,4 nameless faces around the forum!

I feel so sorry for the heaters my rank that I started to despise the heat type in general.Start to argue because I just insulted you fave type and I will use my EMP on you,even though I hate that as well.I will have to use my electric mech but,guess what?
That’s also junk because it’s a f2p electric.

Now:Not SM-related (and not directed at any of you,speaking in general):

I hate etilists.Take your principles against a genre of music that is irrelevant anyways and go to hell;you’re a waste of living matter and deserve to free the earth of your disease,let alone reproduce,you piece of…

So what if my hair is longer than your mom’s?
My dk is longer than your neurons,aorta artery,your and your dad’s d*s summed.

So what if I choose to always put the point after a sentence and always make use of the punctuation sides?
What if I always press enter instead of continuing my other sentence of the same line?
It’s because I have principles.
Unlike you,illiterate.

Yeah,I’m pretty skinny.
Yeah,you got muscular fiber.
You also have a watch 10 times more expensive than my phone.So what?
Does that make you the king of the hill?
Fu,cheap douche.

So what if I choose to spend my free time with an 8th-grader?
I’d choose her over your ugly and dumb a**es anytime and still feel more achieved than you,poor slave of the sheep’s mentality.

I have the right to listen to metal as much as I want,just as that condom your dad used had the right to break,you failure of existence.
As long as I’m not disturbing anyone,mind your own god damn business.
Looking at you pigs that listen to cheap pop at my window on that shit portable speaker you have and shout at me to pause my metal when I decide that I need fresh air and open the window (to oxigenate my brain thus avoid being a degenerate vegetable as you suckers are).

As long as I’m not disturbing you class,don’t tell me to comb my hair,you dumb mammal!!!

I can post whatever the hell I want on Facebook.I can also block whoever I want,so stop whining after I block you!!That’s the point,to get rid of your whining!!
This is also why I have less than 150 friend on that side.Keep out,normies.

I hate my other ex.That crazy animal followed me to my usual screaming spot and called the cops!Now I have a restriction order because of her and can only scream at a buddy’s place.

If I listen to such music,I’m not a satanist.
If I don’t believe in your churches,I’m not a satanist.
If I think the Bible is a fat lie,I’m not a satanist.
I solely believe in God and nothing more.Plus,that is my own business,so go f yourself after you whistle at me on the sidewalk.

Do NOT pull my chain or my hair.

If they talk to themselves,“whispering” song lyrics because it’s fun,them shut up when I decide it’s time for a bree.At least I do it silently,you losers.

I am a metalhead.Death metallist.and Slammer.Not a blacker,rocker,punk,emo,poser,cheapster,depressive,druggard or whatever the hell you might say.

Enough for now.
I’ll come by later.I still have a lot of frustrations I’d like to share.




No, because TS shot the old players with middle finger.
Nerfed old mythicals.
You cant upgrade old era (you cant even dye them).
They added a nightmare button “Legacy convertor” this thing exploded alot of people with their legacy “mythical” stuff and gave them PK aka power unit kits.
Also whats new nowadays?
Too many unbalanced stuff. The claw is over TORSO. seraph blade “idfk wat it’s called” is insane heat breaker.
-This is not SM that we know.


I shall pull your hair


Hey spoiler alert about E.T, Now im sad


Everything about SM now is bad.
Old version was better.

I know we can’t go back but this is what this topic is for.


you couldn’t have said it any better… #heatdeserveslove


My bad … that is totally justified

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