CRUSH SM ADDICTION: All who call upon the Lord shall be SAVED

Hello Friends,

I am writing this post for the many in this community like myself who have become deceived into addiction through this game. I am here to tell you friends, that we have been deceived. many people rightly point out the evil and addictive nature of freetoplay browser and mobile games, supermechs included. I know there are many here like myself who were taken in by the deception. at first we believed the message of freedom and progressed well without any large money or time commitments. but then came the temptations. at every turn a temptation to give a little bit more of your time or spend just that little bit more and before you know it the game has a grip on your time and money.

this is satan’s work my friends. we have been deceived. each time you give into your temptations, the lord teaches us that satan gains just a little bit more power of you. each time you listen to his decptions, are drawn in by his false notions of prise and bounty awaiting you if you give in, he gains a little bit more control. and in incriments and incriments with false promise after false promise he makes you his slave and ytou have become trapped.

I’m here to tell you friends, that all who call upon the name of the lord shall be saved.

I’m going to share with you a prayer which has helped me immensely in my fight to overcome my addictions, including super mechs. it’s called the prayer of the sufferer. (Psalms 38 GNT):
The Prayer of a Sufferer[a]

38 O Lord, don’t punish me in your anger!
You have wounded me with your arrows;
you have struck me down.

Because of your anger, I am in great pain;
my whole body is diseased because of my sins.
I am drowning in the flood of my sins;
they are a burden too heavy to bear.

Because I have been foolish,
my sores stink and rot.
I am bent over, I am crushed;
I mourn all day long.
I am burning with fever
and I am near death.
I am worn out and utterly crushed;
my heart is troubled, and I groan with pain.

O Lord, you know what I long for;
you hear all my groans.
My heart is pounding, my strength is gone,
and my eyes have lost their brightness.
My friends and neighbors will not come near me,
because of my sores;
even my family keeps away from me.
Those who want to kill me lay traps for me,
and those who want to hurt me threaten to ruin me;
they never stop plotting against me.

I am like the deaf and cannot hear,
like the dumb and cannot speak.
I am like those who do not answer,
because they cannot hear.

But I trust in you, O Lord;
and you, O Lord my God, will answer me.
Don’t let my enemies gloat over my distress;
don’t let them boast about my downfall!
I am about to fall
and am in constant pain.

I confess my sins;
they fill me with anxiety.
My enemies are healthy and strong;
there are many who hate me for no reason.
Those who pay back evil for good
are against me because I try to do right.

Do not abandon me, O Lord;
do not stay away, my God!
Help me now, O Lord my savior!

to those who are suffering with this or any other addiction, know that god loves you and wants to lift you from satans grasp.

call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved.


is he drunk again

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makes alot of sense…

stone cold sober.

then I shall read it in a different perspective

you saw nothing then


i always got absent just to farm the portals

is that addiction?

only you can truly say if you are or are not addicted.


ask the lord to save you and you shall be saved.

No ,ilikethepremiumpacks…xd

well we have 2 lords roaming around the forums so im not too worried about having an addiction, for theyll save me


i play sm 24/7 without rest

now, is that addiction?

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ok, this looks like a big bait topic…
But I will bite.
Are you for real?
And if so…
May I sugest also giving a shot to Psalm 50 and 142?
Both are of Redemtion and Cleansing chants.

This is from the " Writeings of Great Monachs", in regard to the teachings of John the Golden Mouth( John Chrysostom).

Also, if i may, did you fast these past 2 weeks? The Assumtion of Mary fast?
If so…“May it serve you well!”

There are coptic belives in your writeings, also Orthodox influences


Hey man,

I can understand your skepticism based on the anger and recklessness I’ve shown in the past. Indeed I was committing the deadly sin of wrath which consumed me for much of my life. I’ve always been a very angry person and in giving in to that deadly sin I’ve allowed myself to become a force for division and destruction - ie a vessel of Satan.

However, I am very sincere in my new faith in the power and wisdom of god and his bible. I found god some months ago and asked him to show me all the ways Satan has deceived me and expose to me all the demons within myself.

God has exposed my wrath, lust, pride, sloth, envy, gluttony and vanity to me. I can’t say I am completely a changed person but I am strong in my faith now and am making the changes necessary in my life to take myself off the path to destruction and back into gods kingdom.

That all being said, I appreciate the psalms you’ve shared with me and hope we can put an end to all the nastiness between us.


What the hell have I used time to look at? I am not religious because I do not believe in it, but I support those who do, with that being said, I think I can agree with you.

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No, he just drink a lot of bleach.

SM is the work of Satan?

materialism and greed is the first horseman of the apocalypse, supermechs is a part of this.