Creating a custom pfp


Hey Guys, My name is MrC3214. As you can probably see, I am using Goku as my pfp, but I want something custom that represents me. Could any of yall help me out? I am terrible with photoshop and adobe animate, and would appreciate any creations. I have contacted @_DANIEL_HD about this, but he declined because he hardly knows me. If you have the same requirements, here is a little about me:

I will declare the top 3, and each will be awarded
1st: :trophy:
2nd :star2:
3rd :star:


typo: I am turning 18 in July. :wink:


I just created one, but I want to see what yall have. Here is what I got, to give yall an understanding of what I would like…

Also found this hilarious meme video!


So what’s the prize? 100 tokens? :smirk:


You can try using this


Or this: GIPHY.COM
Has nice images and gifs, woohoo…



Spoiler Alert!!!

this is one of my fav anime picture


dam thats cold didnt even mention me xD


:laughing: Sorry! The best I can do is rate the top 3


with emoji?


can it be a gif made by me?
because if so i just finished


Sure let me see what you got :smile:
However, I just created a cartoon me, and may use it as my pfp…


each emoji is for each rank. :grin: