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  • Yes, Add downloadable BD phone version that connect with BD Pc version
  • No, Phone player must play Earth arena! Not play BD
    [/poll]Create BD phone that can connect with BD Pc player, i know it would be hard but scripter or desgner can use different sytle between phone and Pc but they still connected


You can still play BD via a Mobile Browser in your phone…

The mobile browsers you can use to play are Dolphin , Puffin. (Dolphin is paid in iOS)


there should be abled downoaded version for phone to play with PC player


I would love a mobile version!

Also can you please put a poll on your suggestion? Thanks :smiley:


nah! i will create the poll! ROME at galaxy 1 hehehe i conquer hh


@Germanicus nah i alredy edit this and add the poll


Ok good :slight_smile:

Was that you who conquered me? I am the ROME leader on galaxy :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: Lol i conquered hh, my alliance tag you as Hostile hehhe, i am rank 58 anyways


Mobile is kind of a different world…

UI wise but also playwise - on PC we keep it open in the background on the browser. Do that on phone and you kill the battery. So it becomes much longer sessions, more “active” gameplay… EA was meant as a BD port for mobile, but became a seperate game mostly because of those challenges.

I don’t disagree with eventually looking for a compromise between BD and Mobile and see if we can change the game to work on both, but I think right now, there’s still huge opportunities to improve it for the web!


Lol play is a very loose term , i tried to use it on my phone and rage quitted era 5 mins after . I doubt the devs would alter BD for a mobile browser version though , despite this helping a lot of people and making the game more manageable.


Yea BD phone application, that make phone user doing more easy


I think right now we need to focus on the browser version… Huge potential has arrived but we need the main game updated first… Honestly I would like to see tacticsoft put together a small team and see how and if it can be done while the main group focus more on browser updates

Miss quoting people?

we need to atrack phone member too


I would love to see a mobile app, as it would make it easier for players to access the game at all times of the day, which would allow for a greater number of active players. This could be very beneficial for the game, as it would become more competitive. Thoughts? :relaxed: