Crafting items from raw materials


No,this will not be like the old crafting system that you get a random item and it will be broken,but it will be permanent and you can craft specific items.

So there will be another kind of item called “materials”.you can’t get them from normal boxes,but is only obtainable via a box called “material box”.
For example,you want to craft a need 10 metal pieces and 2 bullet storages.
Ideas for materials:

Metal(needed for all items)
Glass(only for torsos)
Bullet storage (only for items that fires bullets)
Rocket storage (only for items that fires rockets)
Jet engine (only for bipedal legs and charge engines)
Electricity (only for items that need energy to fire)
Rope(only for hook)
Energy storage (for energy modules)
Heat storage (for heat modules)
Armor (for resistance modules)


1.You can craft items up to their epic rarity(for example,you want to craft iron boots and you can only craft them at a maximum of epic rarity)
2.You can’t craft prem items

That’s all!

Do you like the idea?

  • Pls implement!
  • Good,but it needs some tweaks.(pls tell me)
  • No

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That’s a nice idea. But, I think I made a similar topic.

no offense


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