Crafting idea hnnnggnng

what if you got small parts from battles and you can turn those into bigger, more complex parts and then turn those into items
different items would require different parts, like a machine gun including a rotor in it’s crafting recipe

crafting materials would stack like ascension relics

  • this doesn’t fit well with supermechs
  • this is a somewhat decent idea

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and crafting an item shouldn’t cost anything, it’s literally putting parts together

This is the only thing I can think of that you can craft


yeah nobody likes this idea lmao

i guess you can refer to me as the guy with terrible suggestions

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Well, a sort of “rule” has formed on the forum that if people don’t think it will catch on, they don’t like it. You just have to think about it the idea is worth spending time to put on the game.

It’s nice, but it doesn’t fit with supermechs’ cash greed, you should add a timer to crafting you pay tokens to skip

new meme material you guys.

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That is surprisingly decent enought to be implemented into the game, i kinda felt like tts never consider any good idea from players…

actually did they ever?

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For me, i’d rather shut up, and listen to people, then once you are ready, then open of your suc and then, if you do catch on with us, people will like you, nobody crit me when i first spoke, but @Backlash25 on the other hand he did something dumb, by adding claw, and making it full of nightfalls, and 2 falcon, with trash mods. we all hated him for that, until we taught him what sm is like, then he started getting better. @Backlash25 will rarly show up, he is retired.


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I don’t think you know how blur text works.

Don’t even teach em about it lol


but why

Cause let’s just not lol

everyone knows how to do it though

but ruben doesn’t

MF’s Just teach him how to use it, we all are a family in the forums group, Stop Being SELFISH!

isn’t this getting off topic

yes, back on topic. Crafting as a concept would be great, but it doesn’t fit supermechs’ cardboard cutout weaponry. Crafting systems tend to insinuate further customization of parts which obviously will never happen with TS

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10 rare boomwitches=50% chance epic nightfall 50% chance epic annihilation