Cracked Dangerous Zone

Logic is confirmed: any level at Insane mode give more XP than BB run, lol.

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insane bigboy gives 20k exp.

Why did you bring it up. After all the nerfs, should have just kept quiet and let it go and let them figure it out for themselves. Now they know. I usually try not to bring any benefit happening up. (Like what is good to grind or whatever) because the eye of mordor will be upon it in no time.


I’ve been warning others of the same thing for a long time now as I see soooo many things get nerfed when these dam posts keep being written instead of just enjoying the benefits that we rarely get except by mistake OR WE HAVE TO BUY.

NERFAHOLICS are circling, I can see them in the distance…

EVERYONE!!! if you start getting good box drops, gold, XP or anything else, make sure you broadcast it in the forums over and over and over until it’s all gone like I’ve seen happen for well over a year now. :rage:

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More experience at last parts of campaign lol