Cowardly Strategy

Tryhard coward. Blackmamba
What should i do?


Tap home button and delete game.

Have a nice day!



I mean , what is the point to donate when u know what enemy is comimg up next.

by exploiting

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just block him. :wink:

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It had been said before … unfortunately there were selfish people who only saw the interest of their own clan and not the common interest.

The same, this player is so bad, loses with everyone.


Change mech… then 1v1 … beat the crap out of him… make fun on top chat.
Or refresh page and avoid his lame strategy.

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[quote=“Wepwawet, post:5, topic:9647”]
who only saw the interest of their own clan[/quote]

Oh wow, so you don’t play for your own clan “interests” :question:

So you are again the good one (self-explanatory) and the others you try to mention are all bad ones :question:

And here you attack him “this player is so bad, loses with everyone” with a LIE :question:

He is a pretty good player, but yes, cos you dont like to see HardToKill at 1st Clan rank, you start again throwing around lies.

Your LIE :
"this player is so bad, loses with everyone"
Truth :
he win 70 - 80 % of his battles :exclamation:

So @Wepwawet tips for you :

  • learn to hold back your ENVY

  • use real arguments without any LIES in it

  • don’t attack everything you don’t like

I am always glad to help you :exclamation:



very very nice tip. loooooooooool you should give new advice “how to get a gold medal”

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While I disagree with this type of thread being allowed at all (its a bit of a witch hunt) I do see the fact that its an exploit that seems to be being abused and therefore should be fixed (If is in an exploit, personally I do not know)

@bestplayerintheworld I think you’re reading too much into 3 lines of text from @Wepwawet.

Do remember this is the internet and not every sentence would sound as you imagine.

By saying [quote=“Wepwawet, post:5, topic:9647”]
loses with everyone.

Wepwawet may have meant her close friends and clan mates always beat him rather than looking directly at his win/loss ratio

And while you have stated [quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:8, topic:9647”]
don’t attack everything you don’t like

You have immediately done this using a whole forum post to do so. Which suggests according to you that you are envious of Wepwawet?

@Lannister @el_metre Does this 100% work to force you into a battle with him? Has it been tested with a rank 25 to rank 1 to see if it can create stupidly unequal battles?


Wohoo I need some popcorn now


I have tested it a bit… lack of time,and actual interest in it, since it can be easily avoided with a simple back to workshop and refresh, forbided me from makeing a wide test of it.
But in the 10 or so tryes i have tested it… in 6-7 of them it worked. It could be that it was the same time press of the play button(5-20s discrepance), or it could actualy activate a hidden/buggy thing in the matchmakeing, can’t say for sure.
Maybe we could organise a bigger test of it, like 100 runs on it and see what happens. But well, lack of guine piggys that wanna lose isnt helping,cause it needs testing in the ladder, and cost stars and rank.
But i think we should search a bit this subject/bug/possible exploit, on the permise that there is no smoke without fire.



You can use your own statement as answer here :exclamation:


Here special for you @Elcent the facts …

The HUGE difference between my behaviour and the one from @Wepwawet is, I do NOT attack all and everything I dont like (in her special case HardToKill members), WITH wrong arguments (also often with lies) :exclamation:

That’s why I stepped in about her statements here. She do it very very very often, to attack others, also with half-truth and in this special case, again, with a LIE :exclamation:

So no need to try to defense her. I am not the only one who see how she act here in the forum.
A LOT of others said/say exactly the same, as I explained now to you.

About the invites (also facts) …

  • it is part of the game (made by the developers)

  • so if players use it, to blame them for is nonsense

  • you cannot force someone into a battle with invites

  • I also get tons of invites ever day, also from Littlelost your lost members and Reign members, so really no need to try to bring it only in one direction

Discuss about with real arguments (not lies), with no insults like “this player is so bad, loses with everyone” and maybe we ALL can have a solution about.

But words like “everyone” or “bad player” mean also in the internet the same @Elcent :exclamation:
(I read hours about the “Semantischer Hof”, so I know pretty well how she meant it :stuck_out_tongue: )


That player is pretty trash as is. If he stuck to playing the game like the rest of the people he would be rank 3 at best. The only way he wins is by exploiting this bug. I’ve tested it and it works. It also allows you to start a match agaibst someone that’s way out of your league. So you can just use it on a bunch of low rank players and become rank 1 without ever fighting an actual rank 1.


I can use my rank 6 account to see if someone of rank 1 can force a battle with me if someone explains what I need to do etc.

If that works it would be a clear indicator that its overwriting the matchmaking algorithm


The only prerequisites is inviting someone to a 1v1 and then both queueing up for a battle within a short time of each other

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exactly …

Did you think about, that because of the system change - losing ranks start of the tournament - WE ALL have now very very few opponents being ONLINE at same time 8playing same category 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3) :exclamation: :question:


From where you think it comes that you have to wait sometimes more (!) then 20 minutes for battles :question:
Even in 1v1 you have to wait often a lot longer then usual.


Drat… you used me own words against me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it would be nice if neither of you directly attacked anyone no matter origins or clan etc as at the moment I can see no side is in the right and it’s not nice (For anyone) to be attacked in anyway, shape or form. While I now understand you are on the defence for your clan member I believe this incident should end at the agreeance that we shouldn’t need to criticise people but instead criticise the fact theres a bug and to exploit a bug is frowned upon.

I’m up for testing this bug, anyone here online now?


Nop. Nobody online. I might be down. Go to discord chat

hehe :slight_smile:

What does “Drat” mean :question:

100% agree with that and exactly the reason I stepped into, that way as I did :exclamation:

I am still pretty sure you cannot force anybody to a battle.
It is more like, that there are to less opponents, which explains the extra long waiting time for battles :grey_exclamation:

But if there is an exploit, WE all benefit if it would be fixed :grey_exclamation:

MAYBE - since I play most of the time with PC - it is a android/apple (handy) thing :question:

Like I also noticed that most cheats are done there now :exclamation:
(like the unbelieveable FREE money thing there, which was mentioned here short - cos I reported it - here in the forum)