Covid-19 please sanitize

tbh, im actually kinda scared im gunna die ngl

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your very uneducated and i can tell your not old your probably 12-15 so ill edicate you. young people tend to have good immune systems so your probably fine. altho your fine i would not suggest going to an old persons house or going outside if you have the virus. altho you will not die you might cause others with weaker immune systems to so please be cautious

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you’re too young to die, you’re much more likely to be a carrier and indirectly kill your elderly loved ones.


this sentence is unclear

empahasis on edicate lol and yes, ur correct, im 12 im sry for being born

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you probably have a good enough one of your age but if you dont uhhhoof
sorry mate

well, i aint fat, but not skinny either. more like kinda athletic and strong

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trust me your safe but your elders might not be and remember wash your hands and be cautious

nooooooooooo my granmas food…

you are your granmas food?

my job involves carrying rubbish, im gonna be on the front lines vs corona but also have a strong resistance to it


Now that’s a comforting message.


Oh wow even people also panic about corona in this forum.


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