Country clan only


a clan could only be made of same country members


Clans like these never work.

Unless you’re going for a purely social clan with no regards to clan positions. Those are the best kind of clans anyway imo.


from which country you are


hi can i do a question pls


I’m from Antarctica. How about you? :slight_smile:


i am from pakistan
are you muslim


will you pls tell me that how can i change a password of a supermech account


That would be racial .


I don’t play SM, but it’s nice to play with people from other countries and backgrounds to get to know them and to learn to respect their opinions and be open, after all people in your alliance/clan/whatever SM has are all brought together by the game :slight_smile:


I live in the country may I join?


Go to login there, go to personal preferences, and then on settings… :wink: