Counter to magma blast?

As of me currently reading the forums, i see a lot of people complaining about magma blast (especially triple magmas) and i was thinking if there is a way to counter such mechs and here is my try on doing so. you can criticize or tell me how to improve it. (with arena buffs)

More resistance
More hp


More energy
Less heat

No real point to adding energy since only the drone and teleport require energy and i could just also swap the drone for something like murmur or nemo.

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I would add a maximum protector if i had more weight to work with and i would add more plat plates but same issue, weight.

Remember that the most important is resistance. Magmas can destroy those, and if you don’t have any res mods on you’ll take lots of extra damage from the negative resistance.

i completely forgot about that. thanks for pointing out!

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Pretty much heat counter energy hugger can really punish them. Recommend to use them if you wanna build against magmas only.


You need alot more HP, switch legs for claw or more PLat plates

@lightningw999 @WMist253 something like this?

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yes much better!

As for the proposed counter builds i see around here, i understand youre pretty far from top 20.
Not much chance for you to encounter those tripple magma things. Dont bother.


I am rank 9 and i’ve encountered triple magma

The full retard one with 3 plates and all?

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he has almost 3k HP but only 200 cooling so I used vandal and heat bombed him

Top 20 as in the solo player ranks? If so then yes im waaaaay too far for that.

Exactely what i meant.


Here’s a mech that not only counters triple magma, but also heat and phys generally (with the ability to knock out energy trolls).

TP hook and face shocker. Torso is divine.


As for building other counters: don’t go overboard on heat. 400/300 is plenty. Focus more on health. Face hugger builds also tend to do best.

I deleted my rant about hybrids being absolute trash. You’re welcome.

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The most annoying for triple Magma is Night eagle + backstabber drone.

I love and hate backstabber. It is the best phys drone.