Countdown to level 150 Supermechs

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WHAT!!! ALREADY?..a few days ago you were lvl 137-140 and now look at you

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Gratz!!! Also, I made some calculations:
I am currently level 138, 19 mil points. So I am short of 6 mil exp points. Assuming I do nothing more than grinding Big Boy (no other source of exp), 6 mil exp is circa 315 BB runs. That means 4421 energy points. Considering my energy tank is now 71, I need 62 refills for that. So this is either 31 days of grinding (free to play) or 1868 toks if I wanted to do it straight with refills… Impressive…
I made an error, because I miscalculated the fact that each level up is an additional refill. So take -10 refills… 52. it is 1560 toks or 26 days…

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Or you could just make the misson 6 or 7 on insane mode which also gives around 20 000 XP for only 7 fuel

Yes, you are right… But what is the point of maxxing your experience level at the cost of lower gold income? Mission 6 gives about the same exp, but much less gold. IMHO gold is so damn more important than exp… No gold, no fusion, no items, no nothing… EXP is just a side value…

I thought your goal was to be level 150 and not to make a trillion credit. At least thats what I figured out from your post. Yeah if you want to make gold then do that. I made over 10 million with level 6 mission until I’ve reached level 150. And I’ve made that 10 million with fuse all the items I got. So you get way more gold than items to fuse anyway. It only worth to make bigboy if you are going to buy boxes with that gold which is just dumb since the boxes are going to cost more than 100k pretty soon. And when you spent all that 10 million gold (you’d get from mission 6) the box price would be pretty high and spending another 10 million (from doing bigboy since it gives double the gold) its not really worth it.

Actually the gold income is the same as Big Boy yet only around half the energy price