Could someone turn this into a youtube video?

My Chromebook does not have the capability of recording sound, so I would like it if someone could transfer this to youtube so I can edit it on my phone from there.

send you a youtube video of it ?

Just record a video, and I can edit it from there, my chromebook neither my phone can reecord the sound, so I need external help

I can unlist the video for youtube and send you the link.

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Yes, I would like that! Thanks!

Two things this song might get copyrighted and this intro is a bit long there ya go…


Well that was the song that he had in his original intro and, the last time I checked, the remix was non-copyright

are you expiriencing lag? When I coded it, I meant it to be synchronized…

I wish I could just return to the previous version, where there was literally a record screen button on that website

There is no lag ever for me it must be on your end xD
It could be the site on what I recorded it on.


Yep that’s probably it, and that’s why there were two different website that run the same thing on javascript but the new update broke everything

30% done

Got the sound onto my phone
Now just need to get the animation on my phone, crop it, and synchronize it…

let me know what the intro looks like when your done with it :wink:

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Back to 0% it doesn’t even work