Cost of tokens increase?

Did the cost of tokens increase? Wtf? I just went to buy some and it kinda looks like they are more expensive now

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which costs did increase? O_o

How much real money it costs to buy SM tokens


that increases constantly

[quote=“Kaen, post:1, topic:6832, full:true”] I just went to buy some

There’s your problem :slight_smile:

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Cost of token look same as ever before.

As far as i remember, a lot of Battle Dawn players would use Super Mechs for token purchase because it is cheaper to buy tokens on SM and use them on BD. but currently i checked and it is the same price.

well actually it’s almost the same. SM is actually a bit more expensive now.

before this you would buy 5k for $100 on SM and get 3.7k bonus. now it’s only 1.5k bonus tokens.

yep SM tokens cost def increased , i remeber like 3 days ago it was aprrox around 1token= 1 INR and now its expensive , its like 1 token = 1.32 INR now .