Cost of Portals


Nothing will change, no matter how much we cried.
They know one day we’ll get over it, just like every bad update that happens.


also the cost of tokens spent on item portals isnt JUST for the legendary drop which is equal to or greater than packs per tokens, it also gives you a lot of rares and epics. I always find myself getting a lot of fusing done when grinding portals. we will really just have to wait and see how the new drops are before deciding whether its a nerf or a buff. people are making too many assumptions in this thread.


Read my post,as i said,i don t care about gold portals,because as you said,those were useless before,are useless now,no change
But item portals should be balanced,if they increased the cost of energy they should increase the energy capacity,or to nerf refill price,or to give players a better drop rate(i know what a better drop rate means for ts… -_- and i think that others knew too, few more epics won t make us happy) but yeah if they make that sure,we can wait next item portal and see


Now something about, Sarah :

Doesn’t matter after nerf they are like chance for winning in lottery.

Did you played item portal, even once :question:
It’s like 6h job to have “chance” for “something” .

And now it’s " lottery chance " (so low ) to win “something”.

And probably it will be nothing good. - much items which you can obtain are weak.

Do you put so much effort to take part in lottery in which you have low chance to win…
and even when you win, you will mostly obtain for this hmm a pen :question:

So, is it worthy to play now after documentated (so much empty boxes, and no legendaries) nerf and increase of fuel cost such thing :interrobang:

Someone even screenshoted 80 no legendaries boxes XD, after i don’t remember 200 runs


I think SARAH read our posts, that’s her job.

But she can’t influence devs.


well if she can t nobody can
sarah if you read this,we don t blame you,we know that you are the Messenger,but you are our last hope


I have no words anymore.
I’m just done with this game.

I’m honestly done.
Thanks for everything…now i’m just going to play graphic games since i allredy got a nice pc.So i guess returning to this game was a mistake.


I’ll be honest, im sick and when i saw post my eyes was hurted, normally i would read everything,
but im sure i understand what is there… without reading :smiley:

1. It’s to much for earning i think, but 1-2 any guaranteed legends is ok

2. Hard nut, when they do it, rank 1-3 will fight with air… see how much waiting they have now.

3. I saw much of them and mostly they are not important and gameplay dangerous, there are more important things.

4. Same as demand 1. - drop rate generally, exist so that people will not have what they wanted and need to spent money, then they can say you had no luck XD

5. It gives not as much legies, so i see no reason to not make it.

6. I have no opinion, for me it was really rarely, even to hear about such thing.

7. Yes fully agree i even mentioned some ideas like Survival mode : the more waves of enemies you destroy without any repair kits the more is reward

We need new no pvp (without ingerence of others) gold earning way’s without limits like campaign.

I say specially about doing new ways to spend time beyond arena.

Now out of arena you do raid and have to bore in arena with hmm not good enough prizes.

8. Ha ha ha, Why ? They don’t give money (TS point of view)

For them is good to keep some F2P so P2W have someone to beat and feel that money spending
is good.

Without F2P all P2W will be qual to other P2W, and spending would have no sense,
so they would not spend more.

This is the sense of existence of platinum plates, and such items.

I played for 2 months no live and i can totally honest say, you need half year to go to
rank 5.

But in this time rank 5 will grow stronger, get new items, knowledge, etc, sooo playing normally…

Has no sense, NOW you have to be NO LIVE or P2W to progress… above other.

That’s why i will quit, or play casual to have fun from other >;D

I’m rank 8-7 now, I played very much strategy/RPG games and others.

9. Something from me :

Best idea i remind now is :

XD You know the feeling when you had glass with water, you want to drink… and is empty :question:

Edit :

@All Ah yes i remember :exclamation::rofl:

Just do 2-3 Item Portals a week with EXISTING already Legendary items.

It have not to be platinum plates :bangbang:

I appreciate someone even read it all THX :smiley:


Yoyo are you typical today-kid which rates game about graphic :interrobang:


if they will do a higher cost for item portals i’m ok with it but WANT A CHANCE OF GETTING LEGENS
if the drop will still like this with the new cost i’m out -_-


Oh i can’t breath, i’m sick. Ha ha ha ! :rofl:


i read your posts and you are trying to create a fight,since you can t understand others points of view
i will ask you:are you a super mechs player?because over now you prove me that you don t know anything about this game or how does it works
Also i will ask you to stop attacking people,we can roast you to if you want to,there is no problem
Also search diplomacy definition on internet
is the art of making your point of view clear without attacking others

as i know tacticsoft they will give some max legendary items or items which start at common or rare(you can make one of those legendarys with 55k gold and 4 epics,with 276 tokens you can buy 250k gold so 4 legendarys)

agree but if you watch it carefully some players never meet in arena,even if they are at the same rank(reality not a conspiracy theory,is all there)

you don t play this game then,or you are blind
want some examples?(arena screens blocking,if you are playing on android after last update :you can t see any other boxes than silver boxes,you can t touch the bottom of the screen in chat,and many others)

drop rates should be transparent,every player should have exact chance for the same item (but nope,it s not like that)

still a better chance to get a free legendary since there is no other chance to get one if there is no portal or if you don t want to waste your tokens on epics

again,you don t play this game or you are blind,check top raids for example,there are players with no replays,with a full common mech(if you don t want to see it that does not mean the problem is not there)

you have no idea about how this game works…fine i will explain it in a simple way

they get money from f2p too,want to know how ?simple
every add means 5 or 10 cents for ts
those 5 wins?yeah we watch videos for getting 9 coins instead of 6
playing campaign or raid from the phone?every mission or raid means 1 add(try,they will force you to watch it)
watching videos for getting more hp in campaign? sure
so an active player watch around 20 videos per day
which means 1$ per day for tacticsoft
in 30 days this means 30 dolars
and there are at least 1000 active f2p ,so 3000$ per month just from f2p
(those numbers are just an example,real numbers may be bigger or smaller )

if you want to stay where you are,that s fine but we are trying really hard here to get into the top

tabu subject
chance to get one of those is really small,players want some lms,most of portal legendary drops are max legendary items or legs(claw would be good)


It’s a fucking absurd question :

Pls don’t respond until i write second post cuz they are very related.

That’s proof i’m playing don’t atack your own intelect.


Back to topic pls.

Sarah sayed about :

Surely that’s confusing sentence oft used in marketing is about tokens which we
already had “added” from start for doing first run portal.

So for people who doesn’t understand :

You will still get 45 tokens which you got for portal before.


Do 1 Item Portal / week with existing already Legendary - Myth items

…+ 1 normal Item Portal with new item.

It will be satisfacting “new” event. :blush:

When someone need this item he do it, when not, he save tokens for new Item Portal :sunglasses:


When did they mention a higher legendary droprate?


писю фыгай собака ))


I interpreted this as meaning they were raising gold rewards and legendary chances starting from the next portal. maybe I’m misinterpreting in which case I’ll be disapointed. lets see what the next item portal’s like.


This is what is said before all that. And when she says ]

Based on the first sentence, here she is just explaining what an item portal is (idk why), and the higher chance of legendaries part is just higher compared to normal missions.

Im sorry dud, but I think you are going to be dissapointed…


I agree with Dankmementos here.

Misfit, if the last 2 item portals are any indications of how nerfed the portals are, it only seems reasonable that the following portals will be the same, despite what Sarah just mentioned about higher drop rate for legendaries.