Cost of Portals


true true that’s the thing even I wanted :wink:


I hope your term can do it promise!
If your term can do it,I will buy tokens again!:slight_smile:


You just feel the patience of your players, it’s already at the limit!
In your sense, the balance podrozumevaet - making a profit!
But for this you must listen to the players, and make a really BALANCE !!!
You must test them on the test server before adding new items !!!
YOU have to overcome the READERS who fucked!
Instead, you just spit on the players in person !!!
One of the examples of EMP - we spent on it a lot of gold and items - your nerf you killed this thing, but did not compensate the players for the loss of time, gold and objects.
Cry from the heart!!!


me too :slight_smile: and will start youtube vids :slight_smile:


I’ll never buy tokens again !!!
And you know why!
Because once you made a discount on the boxes at the same time, I and other players spent a lot of tokens and did not get the legendary at all !!!
You did it consciously !!! You deceived all! After that deception, I stopped buying your tokens !!!
Perhaps I’ll start buying them:
If you make a discount on the boxes and at the same time tell us, we increased the chance of falling on the legendary items and it is 33%
And to pay for boxes in which the chance of falling 1%, 3%, 5% - 0% I refuse!


I disagree you
I buy tokens to buy a boxes
I also can have a good drop!:stuck_out_tongue:
Because you don’t know the skill to buy the pack or box!:joy:


You should not buy the boxes in discount


yep u will just waste your time :stuck_out_tongue:


That why I need to buy tokens again!


Oh pls. don’t say bullshit, it’s obviously for all in-players. :rofl:
Gold Portal gives more gold when you “normally” should receive box. :moneybag:

I think now it’s clear for all that liked post. :slight_smile:

Don’t confuse all with obvious incorrect (for you) assuming. :japanese_ogre:
Edit :
Jezzes, now i see what you did :exclamation:
Shame you :exclamation:

You edited sarah’s Quote XD :exclamation:
To back up your confusing incorrect assumings.

Even i didn’t edited Community Manager posts quote :exclamation: (And i’m pure Evil) :japanese_ogre:

Forged Sarah’s Quote :exclamation:

Orginal Sarah’s quote :

I don’t say i agree with her words…

It’s bullshit to calm down people.

Jewry you ride on vacation with this train…” - Hitler

I’m sure you only didn’t got banned for that cuz people can’t see such details… @Technodive

Nice trick XD


Bad news they for sure let them with + 50% fuel cost like gold portal now.


50% x 0=0

As i said
Make it as it was 6 8 10
Or double the energy capacity
Or make refill cost 15


Nope,i m sure that you didn t
As others said ts try to fool us

First you make the cost 100% more than normal
Then you make it 50% ,and now we should think that you made a compromise or what?
This was the purpose from the beggining
You will lose more and more players,until you will have nothing,and then?who will pay?
Want more money?
This is getting worse and worse with every update

Item portals were the last hope,and you took it,do whatever you want with gold portals,but at least leave the item portals as before

Atm you can get a legendary in 2 ways(you got to be lucky af to get a lm from fortune box,so i won t count it)
From sales(where we get just purple stuff)
From item portals(which give us no boxes or rares and few epics)

You got nothing better to do than to destroy item portals?
I can give you some good ideas

1 make premium packs drop at least 1 legendary item(l-m)
2 fix that match making,rank 4 meet rank 1,they have no chance
3 take care of those bugs…game is full with errors
4 fix the drop rate(buying 5 packs full with epics it s not balance 1380 tokens for 25 epics?are you kidding?and you call that balance?)
5 make fortune box drop more often(before silver boxes nerf,we could get 2 or 3 per day,now we get 1 at 3 or 4 days…)
6 take care of hackers(from raid,arena)
7 make new interesting events(making a different raffal is not a new event)
8 support f2p (try to make a new acc,and to get to the rank 5,you will need few monts)

With this update,portals will drop a legendary at every 8 or 9 refills,240 tokens for a legendary is not worth it.

And there are many more things to care about
Feedback?you don t give a damn about our opinion,take an example from other games(example:world of tanks) and watch how they rule a game and make game experience better
Are you trying to close this game?
At least tell us:guys we want to close super mechs,that s why we are doing those updates

Don t like my attitude?or my opinion?
Perfect,we don t like those updates too


They increased the fuel because people got too much legendary already… why would they increase the legendary chance? It would be like this fuel increase never happenned…


Too many legendary cards?
Mate you are funny

1 legendary at avery 6 or 7 refils i means too many legendary?

Your post make me ask you if you play this game

You don t realise one thing,in this way,new players can t get into the tops,since top players have tones of legys and new comers can t get them(since they won t get legendaries from portals or sales) and top players will stay there forever


Its all about luck and the bad RNG. For 700 tokens ive got 8-9 legendary items and a lot of epics and rares. Thats the price of two premium packs where I don’t really get this much items… so yes its a good drop.
There was time when i got 1 legendary for 300 tokens while my clanmate got 5-6 for the same amount. And other times its the opposite… ive got five times more than him.


This is probably the only game in which no one talks about the chances of drop items.
We do not know if there is a difference between dropping the chance between heavy and insane. It seems to me that it is not!


That s a bad drop rate
You are not the only one in this game,some player already got 1 legendary at every 10-11 refills,with this update they will got a legy at 15-16
Nobody is dumb enough to spend 450 tokens for a legendary(which most of the times is not a lm)


the fact that they raised the legendary drop alongside it is something to consider too. we’ll have to wait for the next item portal and see by how much, it might be a better legendary to token ratio despite higher feul cost. really depends on how much they raised the drop by.

and in any case - gold portals have always been bad anyway. only think to do them for is the tokens and higher coin drop on first run. I dont know why people are pretending to care about them now. the real test will be when the next item portal comes out, then I can form an opinion on this.


Im pretty sure they will. Everybody is mad and sad right now but when the next portal comes they will spend all of their tokens on that portal just like they did.
And thats why TS can make these moves because its basically change nothing because the players will spend the same amount of tokens on refills. The only thing changed here is that they might spend more on premuim packs as well.