Cost of Portals




damn it! 2 mechs full is about + 30 million sm

we do not win much SM and tokens and also premium box 1% chance.
many pay tokens and several hours on portal

I do not win big thing
any boss clan earns less legendary it’s not fair
try to play you will understand


mostly underage players because sm is phone game now

before reloaded (2015) when i was rank 5 i was in place 10,000-11,000, now when i am rank 5 i am 500th player in ladder, they didn’t recover at all

there is no point proven, there was an old forum which not many was using because there was no need, now people use it because game has bad times and they want it to change


Really? I always thought SM is originally an app game that could be played on a browser.

I can believe that since Reloaded update ripped them, no doubt the worse and most unpopular update in SM history. And I didn’t say complete recovery, just new people playing, of course.

I disagree with you on your last point. I didn’t confirm count of posts on threads right after Reloaded update, but I can say for sure there’s no threads that are 500-600 posts like it’s now.

Anyway, it seems Tacticsoft will continue as usual, despite what people think.


most of newcomers are from mobile, it still can be played on browser tho

the point is that it is way thinner and does not grow or does but slower than a snail

the problem is that most are the same 100-150 people

yay kill me


W.P.O.T.W, alright, fine, I can concede the recovery of the player base recovery is very low. :man_shrugging:

I still disagree on the amount of new people joining the forum. There are more people in the forum now days, then after Reloaded. Hence, the higher amount of posts in the threads now days, which I was referring to earlier to prove my point on player base recovery.

Anyway, the 2nd paragraph on which you’re referring to, I just used as examples. All are moot points since Tacticsoft will still do what they want. And that was my point in the beginning:


If they keep nerfing,then it’s an result of us leaving.

Yes they can do whatever they want but no we don’t want because some of us payed this game and now some of us are sad because of how game is going worse
I feel painful right now


0 x 0 = 0


i dont think the devs know what the word “balance” is

either that or they think we don’t know what balance is


here is the conculcion

  1. Nerf Energy Capacity to 73 = BALANCE
  2. Make F2P players can do Sh%^&*t = BALANCE
  3. Cost to much energy usage for portal, when F2P player cannot spend and do Sh%^&t = BALANCE


Hi @Sarah247

By the way, these measures, which are sometimes necessary, never are friendly and there is no good way to announce it… I believe, however, that we could reach an agreement.

Since the cost of fuel has increased by 50%, it could be offset by the following:

  • Regarding the gold portal: the gold portal only gives a more or less decent amount of gold 1 time. If you continue playing, the amount of gold is normal (that is, laughable). I would say that the gold portal could give the maximum amount of gold for at least 3 turns of each mission.

  • With respect to the item portal: the drop rate of legendary items has decreased considerably, so much so that in the last portals there are players who have not obtained any legendary and also the portal is only active 1 day. I would say that you increase the drop rate of legendary items in the same percentage that the fuel has increased, that is 50% more than the current one or that we go back to the drop rate of first item portals (as was the Unicorn). And also to extend, if possible, for 2 days.

That is what I propose.


what i propose @Sarah247

is to return the fuel to it’s normal cost, since the portals arent worth this much with drops they’re giving to everyone

maybe even buff the drops a bit, because last 6 portals or so drops have been very trashy… at least for me. i’ve mostly gotten no epics (specially in the last 3-4 portals) and most drops have been rares
i havent even gotten the items the portals offered! what does that tell you about drops?

and now with this overpriced fuel cost, the portals in general would now terrible because of the drops which need buffing, the gold portals not giving good gold drops, and with the fuel your just making people have to spend more for trashy portals, this would lower farming in general, at least from f2p players like me, because i dont buy tokens, i save all the tokens i used in sales or refills.

please just return the fuel cost to normal and buff the drops a bit, even if it’s just 1% or so, the portals need some help and this new update isnt helping at all


Words of wisdom from @CloudedSunrise right here

I second this, since Tacticsoft usually never responds with a change so quickly- they always give it a couple days…it is good (but not good) marketing strategy I suppose


They will never do it !!!


And I will add.
The portal should be interesting and generous to the players.
Because it is a temporary event, A temporary event is always logically much better than an everyday routine


About then why do players play in the portal, and do not buy epics
Too low a chance to drop legendary with the premium-boxes and premium-pack
I think everyone had a series of 15-20 epics and more
Then why buy 15 epic when you can go and get gold, epic, rare and possibly legendary


Update from the Team:
We have read your posts and wanted to clarify what a Portal is and what you get from it.

Gold Portals are meant to give you more gold. The team has added a chance to get more Gold starting from the next Gold Portal. As an added bonus you get some first clear tokens too!

Items Portals are meant to give you items. They not only give you a chance of getting the newly released item they also give players a higher chance of legendaries.

For now, the cost of portals will remain at a 50% increase.

We appreciate the feedback and please keep it coming. :slight_smile:

New Drone - Flame Wave!

Just a question: Are they increasing the amount of first clear tokens? As of now we already have 15 first clear tokens for gold portals. Im not sure what you mean by this :slight_smile:


You said that you added a chance to get more gold for the gold portals!
And Items Portals you do not want to increase the chance of getting the legendary objects and objects of the portal ???
Yes, it’s clear to the fool that all your changes were made for Items Portals !!!
p.s We will give you more gold next time, but you will receive less items for Items Portals !!!
If so, you risk losing your players’ base !!! And this is no joke, just look online players in the arena!
I suggested a solution to the problem Waiting time in the arena!
But you ignore what your players ask you for !!!


Why is the teams response an explanation of what the portals do?

We know what they do…

The reason I and others are against this is because since box drop rates are so low now, the only reliable way to get legendaries to advance is through portals- we now have less chances to do that because of portals.
If this is the teams response to not getting enough income due to people not buying tokens for boxes, then the answer is to raise the drop rates so that people feel it is worth it to pay money for tokens to buy these boxes

A friend of mine @Ryker3314 wanted to spend $10 to buy boxes on the game- I advised him not to, since he would not get any of his moneys worth… consider this as an example of why good drop rates are important, so you can increase revenue and get enough funding to go back to making updates for Earth Arena…