Cost of Portals


You know what, I’m also done with this game. 5 daily fights and cleaning the fuel cap. Nothing else. Last item portal - 330T spent, 1 legend. Second furry desert. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (if I have one :thinking:) for all the wasted resources, especially time. Thank you for giving me a good reason to leave my computer and do something more productive… clean the house, go out on bike… cheers


Someone joined me lol

Good choice


Bad update

I don’t have to give a long review about it. The community already showed how much they dislike this update.


Omg! I thought it was just me, having the worst luck with buying 3 premium packs in a row filled only with epics. Just great! So it sounds like legendary items’ drop rate have been nerfed in premium box/pack.


What I can say, looking at the big picture, TS will continue these horrible updates while saying they are balancing the game and improving player experience until this game is unplayabe to the average f2p. Their bottom line is making money. Anyone without money or not willing to pay will fall out, it’s as simple as that. The only ones who will thrive are the p2w, as updates like this are nothing to them. The only way to fix this before it cannot be undone is to undo horrible updates like this and go back to how they were before, or let this game sink till the only option is to make another reloaded.


Talking honestly, im gonna keep playing the game, i like it, but they won’t get nothng better from me besides my daily gameplay… The game don’t need any balance @Sarah247… If this keep up, this game will have the base players going out… Oh well, sometimes changes are needed right? :slight_smile:


Tell me what do you see on the future of SM?

  • Death
  • Live

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So the puzzling thing to me is how the cost of portals has always fluctuated. Some have been 4/6/8 fuel, some 6/8/10, at least one occasion we had 5/7/9. So if you wanted to increase the price of portals, why jump all the way to “insane costs 20 fuel”?


Yo Yo Man, it’s a revolving door: old players leave, new players enter. Based on this premise, Tacticsoft can do whatever they want without worrying too much about their players.

For example, look at what happened after Reloaded update. Tons of people left (no doubt that hurt their profit), but since then they have recovered their player base. The amount of posts on threads right after Reloaded update vs. now just proves my point.

With that said, Tacticsoft will continue business as normal.


And then they will lose players soon


They have less players than they used to have
And don t wory,many new players leave in first 2 weeks,because the game is just to hard


Ah, but the new people won’t know about all the nerfs because from their perspective this is normal. I felt that way when I started the game.

And now I know thru the forum there’s been tons of nerfs. Life was good in the old days! For example, Unicorn portal!


No doubt.


Those portals only give me free depression, same like University. You put your hopes in it, and get free depression.


First of all we have to mention, we don’t play the gold portals for the gold.

I think that was the last way we had to get stronger and they just ruin it.

“Listen” closely: Supermechs developers do NOT know how to play the game, they can’t give such opinions like “this is still good”.

I will just mute this topic to prevent myself of throwing hate over you all.


killin for the rescue.


So one thing I would suggest is feel free to shift the cost of portals up or down by additive amounts. If you think 6/8/10 is too cheap, try 8/10/12 or 10/12/14. I would caution against “multiplying the cost” so the higher difficulties see a much bigger increase in fuel cost, since that just feels punitive.


sorry to prove your point wrong @Sarah247 but tbh this kinds of portals (specially the item ones) give me sure gold, and tokens but the item drops have always been trash for me, specially in the latest item portal of the “Viking Hammer” i got no viking hammer and i got no epics, i only got 3 rares after playing it the whole day

and this is not the first time it’s happened

please lower the costs again, because so far these portals are only useful for me to gain tokens, and that’s it, the gold is not so good compared to where i farm from, the drops are definitely not worth my time but i farm anyways, but now with this fuel cost up i feel like the game is trash
please, the drops are worst than the chest i buy and it’s not worth this much fuel, item portals dont even give me the item they’re supposed to give exclusevly

just make the fuel cost normal at least, players with my luck dont need another reason why to leave this game that we’ve spent so much time on


Welp, I’ll say one thing, that’s the fastest portal I ever did. :smiling_imp:


Why do I even play this?I need to stop playing it