Cost of Portals


It seems that this company thinks that they will be able to gain more money by giving unfair updates- I 100% guarantee you if tactisoft said “Dear pilots, after listening to players we increased the legendary drop rate of premium boxes and packs!” THEN they would see some more people buying

Even more if they said “Dear Pilots, for 24 hours we have increased the chances of platinum plates in premium packs!”


Im starting to think the same…


People won t trust them,since they make everything just for money…

But yeah some players are desperated to ge one(and i can t blame them…after paying real money for epics)


Dude, stop giving them new ideas


Keep nerfing till you die


Stop giving them good ideas, you mean?

What is wrong with increasing the legendary chance in your mind


Bro they don t just nerf things
They buff things too(costs)


TacticSoft, if you really want to keep you playerbase, you should add to your communication mantra the word “transparency” ^^

The clearer you are about what you did, you, you plan to do, you envisagate, etc…, the more players will trust you, and more players trusting you means more possible income ^^


They will say that they have raised the chance, but they did not actually raise


Like the silver boxes?


What I mean in my post is that they would actually do these things, and only THEN would they see in increase in income


I would love for next update

Deleting SM



I just made the last update from magazine play
Anybody else with this?




Well no surprise here.

After the last few portals, I stopped farming them. They are not worth it anymore. I got one legendary from 10 refills on the Viking Hammer. It’s ridiculous to say the least. The time/cost to benefit ratio is absolute trash. Now you double the costs. Imagine how much less this motivates me to play.

Honestly Sarah, this is going to make more and more players get fed up with the game. I’m at a point where it is just not interesting anymore in any aspect, plus it’s full of bugs and one can hardly find battles in PvP.

It has become a boring and tedious game to play, and TS completely ignores the player base in their suggestions.

This once excellent game has gotten progressively worse, and believe me, this direction won’t hold the game and player base up for long.

On top of this, every premium box I have purchased lately has given Epics. Now I don’t spend money anymore, it’s not worth it.

Considering the position that I was given on the forums, you may have wanted me to raise this in private, but I think my voice should still be heard in public regarding these issues.

It is quite clear now that TS needs a change in management. Whoever is making these decisions is going to sink the ship.

I for one, have become progressively disillusioned and disappointed with this game overall, and hardly play anymore.

The Falcon item portal was the last straw for me. I’m officially fed up with all of it.

It’s not too late to change course in how this game is managed and further developed, but you will need to start listening to the player base, and pay attention to everything that’s wrong with this game. Form a focus group and listen carefully.

Best of luck!


Why are you so surprised? Since everybody started to playing portals instead of buying premium boxes or pack it was just matter of time before they make a move like this. Even the forum is full of post like “don’t buy boxes, save for portals”. I don’t know what did you expect… they do nothing?
The first try was cutting the portal from two days to one day, looks like it wasn’t efficent enough so they had to made this.
Its still better than making no portals at all…


Funny thing is, they are going to wait for us to forget about all this… then they are going to release new items, which people will now barely farm, and f2p will hae no chance…


I find this funny because even with all these posts, Tacticsoft doesn’t figure out that the way to solve this problem isn’t by making the players angry, but instead by increasing the drop rates of the premium boxes in the shop!!!

Severe Stupidity


I’m so sad that I’m going to quit because they won’t understand us


Also @Transcendant,I remember the day when you screamed to ts,wish you to do it again.