Cost of Portals


When we are complaining about the game getting harder and harder to grind for f2p, it doesn’t mean we want you to make it even harder

We all know this isn’t the real reason, devs

if stuff like this continues I think i might quit lol- maybe you will have to pay tokens to log in…


If you are going to increase the fuel cost, please increase the drop rates as well


We still don’t have the answer to my question @Sarah247 ^^

What was the primordial imbalance in the cost of the portals ?


No no no
We all know what “increase drop rate” means
Double our energy capacity


Monolog? Yes
Discussion? Nope


Nope- there were like 6 topics (closed now) rioting about the update


But in the end everybody done with that,well this one won t end too soon


Im going to make a topic with a poll anyway


6 mission on big boy now more profitable.

higher drop rates of legendaries

2 legend for 12 refill(item portal), its higher drop rates of legendaries??? Are you shure?

you create a portal of 3 passes, easy-complicated-insane for getting tokens and that’s it! further finding in the portal is unprofitable, I will not go to the gold portal, only if the reward is doubled!


Item portals will drop a legendary at every 10-15 refills(and this will be the good drop rate)


Say what? you’re joking right? NEVER, I SAID NEVER I GOT ANY STUPID FORTUNE BOX ON GOLD PORTALS…Now the game is this way to be more balanced… it already doesn’t give enough gold per day, and when it gives de devs wanna make us use all ours tokens to refill just to get more gold… at this rate this game gonna become something i gonna stop of playing sooner or later…


at least in the portal of new items must guarantee a box per game as it hasn’t given boxes 5 times in a row (my experience) and if the cost of fuel is higher add a box 100% guaranteed


How to force players to spend tokens and maybe real money to buy those tokens:

  1. step: Decrease Fuel Capacity - claim it is to make fuel rewards more meaningful as fake reason.
  2. step: Increase refill costs for fuel - same fake reason as above.
  3. step: Increase Fuel Costs for the interesting missions a.k.a. gold / item portals - claim it is for balancing as fake reason.

So good going there.
What is gonna come next?

  1. step: Decreasing fuel recovery speed from 1 fuel / 5 minutes to 1 fuel / 10 minutes?
    The fake reason… mmh…maybe to make players go more for PvP to decrease waiting times?

Come on, @Sarah247.
Please tell the developers or managers of the game that we will not buy those fake reasons.
So they can just as well dish out their real reasons: “We want to earn more money so we decided to make you pay more.”

After all ALL of us players know that that is the reason and that TS will make those changes anyway even if we protest against them.
So there is no reason for them to have you Community Managers tell us those lies about the reasons for these changes.

Oh! I forgot the step about destroying the item drops from missions like BB from some epic guaranteed drop to common-rare items only drops.

I got a few more ideas for TS to “balance” the game!
5. step: Attempts on raid costs 10 fuel per try.
6. step: Reloading during missions causes the missions to be aborted - meaning you lose the fuel.
7. step: PvP fights costs 1 PvP Power per challenge. Maximum amount of PvP Power 3 and PvP Power regen is 1 point per hour. So if you wanna do lots of PvP battles you have to buy PvP Power with 20 tokens per point.
If I continue to think about it I might find even more ways for TS to “balance” the game. :rage:


Ways to make your comunity happy:

  1. 1 legendary at every 2 reffils (l-m)
  2. double the energy capacity (146)
  3. don t do this update
  4. make the refill cost 15 tokens or 10 tokens
    One of those
    If you want balance(if you take something,give something)

  1. Fuel cap cut in half a while back
  2. Refill costs raised
  3. Portal costs raised

Lmao if they keep doing this we will eventually be doing 1 mission per day.


It is not “fuel costs” but “fuel cap”.
Halving the costs would be good for us players after all.


the current balance of the game:
physical weapon - damage 410+
Thermal weapons - damage 150+
physical drone - 210 damage, yes, higher than thermal weapons!
energy weapons have equal damage from physical ONLY when the enemy’s energy is depleted, and before that the same 150 damage

is this your balance?


They reduced from 20 to 15 the cost of insane portal… yep, it got better now…


Well, my drone make 300 of damage if i drain my enemy, so, the game need strong weapons man…


my drone mur mur make 83-120 damage in 5-10 res
but the void in 17 res hit for 200 damage - it is bad