Cost of Portals


Remember when fuel was basically cut in half? and now portal costs go up? this game gets more ridiculous by the day…smh


Max fuel cap was like 114 - 136 back then.

They cut it in half.

refills costed 20 tokens back then , now they cost 30.
Shouldnt it be vise versa? the more you get for more you pay?

This doesnt make sense tbh


Wow! First, gold portals are nerfed. Now, item portals are nerfed as well. Is this mean premium box/pack are nerfed as well?

Let me guess, Tacticsoft screwed themselves over the Lightning Scope portal bug that gave away tons of free tokens, and now they’re trying to recoup their losses.


Wow,this thread is going crazy!
But well,it’s to be expected.


Please just make the fuels back as old days. 140/140 pol, is worth it since we have to many high level players and F2p players who don’t have much tokens to do refilling. No Conspiracy No All Seeing Eye


Don t want to be bad…but we shut up too much
You took out 3 vs 3 and 1 vs 1
We were ok with it
You nerfed silver boxes
We were ok with it
You keep this game full with bugs
We were ok with it

This is the problem?
The cost of the portal?

There is an arena bug(that zoom in screen)
You can t see what you are writing in chat(playing on phone)
Loading screen is blocking

There are many others
And this is the problem?
Excuse me,every change/update in the game
Is it aimed to generate funds?

What about game experience?
(which become worse and worse wih every update)

Last good updates were arena shop and 2 vs 2 campaign

Do you really think that you will get more money?players won t pay to get a legendary at every 5 refills

Everything got to be about money?

You get moneys from f2ps too
Every add means 5 cents no?
An active f2p watch at least 20 ads per day(for getring more arena coins,while farming,for tokens,in raids)

So you get like 1 dolar per day from every f2p(i can t call this nothing)

Leave portal as it is or double our energy capacity


Nope,we’re still not okay with it.
It’s just that we can do nothing about it and these guys have no clue what they’re doing,messing us up every onve in a while.


What s next?
Making premium boxes and packs abel to drop rares and commons?
(damn…they may do it)


hell yes let them do that , i never buy packs nor boxes.

time to retire ladies and gentlemen


Oh, yeah, first you reduce the max fuel, then you raise refuel costs, now you increase portal costs?

What’s next, nerf the drop rates on item portals even more?

This is why people keep quitting this game.


So in general drop rate is 4-5 refills for a legendary
Now thanks to this update,the rate will be:8-10 refills for a legendary?

300 tokens for a legendary?
Um…are you…




lies , if you are listening how about give us 150 fuel like before.


Another great update!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

What s next?nerfing drop rate?
Making refill price 100?


yes , yes , more reasons to make me quit


I just realised something
If you are p2w no matter what,you will pay for epics,not for legendarys
(try to pay for refills?gl, drop rate will be around 10-15 refills for 1 legendary)


If each like was for how much people disliked the unbalance of the game and how bad the portals were, I wonder how many DISLIKES a post can get if they say that the portals are really good and should be nerfed further.


Ts after every new update at a evening meeting :

Once again we are being attacked for presenting new ideas.

you should listen to the community first smh




Somebody could make a meme,the material is here

Ts:guys we need a new update idea
Dev1:make premium packs and boxes abel to drop rares
Dev2:double the cost of portals
Dev3:give them good drop rates

Ts:dev3,you are fired

Ts:players hate us for a good idea…