Cost of Portals



You really know nothing about game creating.
It’s one of the hardest hardest jobs.

It’s recreating reality in computer, simply said.


A higher chance of legendaries??? Excuse me!!! But past 2 portals i did ( Falcon and Viking hammer ) I recieved only 2 legendaries in total , and they were usleless e-l legendaries, and i got them form 100 mix boxes or more cause i lost count of how many boxes i had but only 2 legendaries from over 100+ item portal mix boxes!!! That doesn’t seem like a higher hance to me!! Overall i spent around 700 tokens on refils for 2 item portals , which means 1 legendary costs me 350 tokens!!! That’s no higher chance by any means! You should increase the legendary drop rates from item portal boxes to 15-18% , because last portal gave me 0% chance for legendaries!!! And after update if you don’t increase chance it will cost around 500 tokens per legendary atleast with my luck! I really hope you seriously reconsider portal change itspecialy the item portal drops, I am very disapointed so far considering i support your game for quite some time and quite some amount…


but do not leave the items offered in the portal, how to solve that problem is unfair spend a lot and get nothing


I mean, the portal fuel costs being higher wouldn’t sting so much if the legendary droprates weren’t so poor. I spent like 800 tokens on the VH portal and got 4 legends- sparked runners I won’t use, advanced teleporter, and two E-L ones.


I spent between 6-700 tokens on the VH portal and got 2 legends…1-lm…1-iron boots


Thats a pretty wide margin there buddy…


Really dude?



Yes, I know you mean 600-700 lol

That is just my shitty attempt at a good joke XD


Ohhh…well then…good joke


To me item portals are entertaining. I’m unable to be all the time watching the screen, so I set the automatic while doing other things.

I think I play them hoping to get something good, although the last ones I’ve played with less and less enthusiasm. I don’t know if I’m losing enthusiasm for the game in general or what. It’s boring me a lot lately.


Repeatedly getting garbage tends to have that effect, I don’t feel particularly compelled to save up tokens anymore, knowing nothing good will come of the time I wasted.


@Meriaton you didn’t get it…
but it’s ok…


the game is played alone: ​​3 xD


man i really wish the portal costs were back to normal, this +50% is killing my fuel
yesterday was a pain in the neck


better not put the portal is very expensive replenishment are fucking but the game is a miracle that players have


This just ruined portals. 120 tokens for 24 runs. Absurd. I got nothing out of it.


exactly my point
like the drops are still trash yet they want us to think that it’s “balance”
@Sarah247 if you dont want players to start quitting the game again then lower the costs back to normal, the drops are still trash, and it’s absurd that

seriously stop ruining the game!
all you need to do is make fuel cost go back to normal, buff trash items and bring good updates to the game, not this updates that are making everyone complain about the game
buff the drops from portals, they’re supposed to have “better drops” than normal campaign, yet they dont
so please maybe instead of making such unwanted updates you should ask in the forums if certain things would be ok to be added because this fuel cost has brought nothing good


For Items portals having increased cost it seems appropriate to change the drops of boxes from 0-1 to 1-1, so every run will result in at least getting something in a box, even if it’s just rares.


So, do you still feel it’s worth playing portals? Maybe you do…

But how many players do you “feel” that think portals are worth playing now?
What do your “feelings” tell you about how many players think premium packs and boxes are worth buying?

Less or more then before all these “balancing” changes?


tbh they’re ok now, but since the drops were nerfed… @Sarah247 can’t you just… idk return the drops to normal (being able to get legendaries) and also return the cost back to normal