Cost of Portals


Do you know what an item portal is?

It is literally the last chance of legendaries in this game, and they raised the fuel cost

This is especially bad, since legendary drop rates are lower in portals now.

Also, there is no fighting going on right now. The only angry voice is you…


When I started playing in cm, I did 3-9 passes in the gold portal and that’s it. Because I was constantly getting 9,700 gold, I could not even imagine that they give more, because I never received more!
Then they told me that he gives 28 and 69 thousand gold, and I decided to try, drained 73 fuel and got 2 times for 28 thousand. the whole two!

And the last item portal was poor, a few refuellings of fuel, I did not get any boxes, NO ONE!
For this reason, I refill only 12 times. and I think it’s stupid that I did not stop earlier.

And I do not understand why you raise the cost of portals.
I completely refuse refills. thanks for your update.


I think you’re right actually, I read it again and I think I definitely misinterpreted/misread the first time. that’s a real shame.


Oki let’s talk numbers :
Befor these portals it was 1 legend for 2-3 refils, so the cost of a legend was 50-90 tokens.
Last 2 portals 3 legends for 10-13 refils( confirmed as an average by about 10 players), so the cost is 100-130tokens for a legend.
If this ia aplied with the new numbers to the new price we get 1 legend for 150-195 tokens.
It also takes about 2h to grind that.
Now that the portals are 24h.
Let’s assume you grins like crazy, 16h, so you grind 8 passes(of 10 refils) x 450(tokens, aplied the cost of fuel increase directly in tokens) = 3600 tokens.
3600 token spent on a portal will(assumed) get you 18-22 legendaries.
The average drop of legend from packs is 1.5 legend for 335 tokens.
So from numbers perspective :
3600 tokens in a portal will net you average of 20 legends.
3600 tokens in packs will net you 17 legendaries.
So for 16h of grinding you will get 3 more legendaries.
The conclusion you draw for yourselfs.


I guess this update is terrible then.


you also get a lot of fuse food too but I’m also not sure about whether a pack drops 1.5 average or if 1 leg for 2-3 refils is correct either. I can go like 5 or 6 refils with out legendary sometimes and get a lot of epic only packs too. there was someone who has recorded their drops for their past portals which would be appreciated info right now.


You get fuse food from grinding campaign lvl 2… for 2 fuel… if that is relevant to you.
Also the average drop of the last 2 portals was 3 legends for 10 refils.
The average drop of 1.5 legs/pack is also from the playerbase… also morde has records of his purchases and is around 1.6 for him(altho usefull legends are a diferent thing).
Now if we were to calculate usefull legends/ packs or refils… that will depress the sheet out of all of us.


portals give better fuse food than the early missions which give a much higher portion of commons and much less rares and epics. but in any case its something to consider that you’re not JUST paying tokens for legendaries, its also for fuse food aswell. with that considered, I think portals are still atleast as good as buying packs, but its just a shame they arent as good value as they used to be. definitely not ruined though if those numbers are right now that the increase is just +50%.


a gold portal should have a better average gold yield per fuel unit (also taking into account the item boxes from OD6) than OD6, and right now, im not so sure that’s the case.


Hot damn, I couldn’t of ever said it better


tbh gold portals only satisfy me once, i’ve never really had to complain about them, ever… until NOW, seriously, you say that

but we all know that’s a lie! why? well im pretty sure that if you read everyone’s posts then you must have read that most of us the majority dont want the portals to remain 50% more expensive, we already have to waste like 1-3 or so more fuel in each difficulty compared to levels that every player farms (OD 6) yet the team decided to keep the fuel cost up, does that sound to you like you actually read all the posts? the answer is simply no.

then we have item portals, we all love them… sometimes, since bringing a new item to the game means the BALANCE OF THE UNIVERSE IS SHIFTING AGAIN (seriously the devs should test the items before releasing them, just look at the original claw and EMP). now you say

but to tell you the truth your words say something but the portal drops contradict you, the past few 3 or so portals have been giving 100% trash drops left and right, at least they have to players that sure may not be able to go out of insane mode every single time victorious, but im pretty sure that farming on hard should at least be 2/3 worth of what farming on insane should be, for example in the viking hammer portal, the drops were so bad, some people got a ton of the item the portal was offering, some got no legendaries (sad), but some (like me) got nothing worth out of it, seriously, i only got 4 or so rares out of the portal, on hard the full time; i farmed it until the end of the day and nothing good came out of there. so far i’ve (and many other players) not gotten the item offered at all, gotten no epics sometimes and definitely no legendaries, and this is worrying because i farm the whole day, and what’s worst is that the portals dont last 2 days anymore which means less chances of drops for us players

so please just give back the old cost, and please just buff the drops from item portals, after all they’re supposed to give better drops than normal portals but they dont, not even after refills


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yes, of course

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Oh this is okay not really that I use the gold portals for money also when did gold portals give money


They wanna SHUTDOWN the game in good style.
They try to heat up as much as they can to see when it fuckk up in to the air :exclamation:


It is with all portals, are you concerned now :question:


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wow @Xzyckon…you really take your job seriously…:rofl:

well done!


Something I don’t associate Xzyckon with lol


you really think so?
do you think they gonna forfeit their faboulous income from this game and become bricklayers or air condition repairmen?..
in other words you think they gonna WORK??