Cost of Portals


Hey Pilots!

In continuing to balance the game we have raised the cost of the Portals. Portals (gold & item) have always given you lots of free gold, tokens, as well as higher drop rates of legendaries. We feel it still worth it to play at these .

While we understand this might not be a
popular change, we would be happy to have a discussion. Please keep it civil and clean.

The misunderstanding of the portal drop rate increase
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The fact that the gold portal can even drop items is a complete epiphany to me, I’ve never recieved a single item from any gold portal.


Excuse me what? Gold portals dont drop boxes…


Gold portals dont drop any items.
The philosophy behind them is similar to fortune boxes.
There is a high chance to get a “fortune box” that gives you alot of gold… but no items.
Most of the times players usualy grinded them for the free 45 tokens, and maybe some gold.
Maybe if the increased cost can get you also a high chance of high gold, the increase would be justified.


Here is my point of view:

Nothing to say

I have nothing to say for the 1st part…but for the 2nd part…
Gold portals NEVER drop boxes…

The box on the description on the mission is considered as a “treasure chest”, a “box full of gold”…^^

So the higher drop rates for legendaries isn’t an argument since we CAN’T get items at all !

Don’t you confuse with Item portals ? ^^

It is NOT, because the higher % of legendaries apply to 0.00000 ^^

The only Gold portal who dropped items was the Gold portal of the Claw’s one, and it was a bug which re-openned the Claw portal instead of opening the Gold portal…and that portal was closed…(fairness where are you, but I slightly go off-topic ^^)

It Is not since the argument in favor of the change are invalid (at from the point of view of the players ^^)

Always welcome if it will end on a solution ^^

Of course ^^


Gold portals used to give items many months ago,but now they give nothing.
They should either make it so that they drop items again or lower the cost.


TS should ask the community waht they should change , not just print bad updates.

This is wehre critisism and bad replies come from , if this continues we will start losing motivation to grind and play = less active players = less income


Or bring back beta-testing for bigger features too ^^


Look at the image below.
You can clearly see that it says it gives boxes,however it might be a bug that prevents it.
Gold portals,unlike item portals,give no items.

They should solve the issue.


I hope to God they don’t double the cost for item portals,too!


We are talking about Portals in general. I clarified in the original post.


If youre going to raise the fuel cost then increase the chance of getting the highest reward tier (60k) and make the 28k reward the minimum standard.
Right now it takes 20 fuel which translates to 3 OD6 missions on insane. the OD6 missions give 8.9k gold per run which means 26.7k per insane gold portal.
At least 2 of those OD6 will give item boxes, values at 6.5k each, bringing the total value of the missions to be
26.7+13 = 39.7k
Now you see the problem, theres absolutely no point in farming the portal anymore. You get more value even if theres a guranteed 28k, even worse when it drops 9k.

If you insist on raising the cost, give a good chance of earning a jackpot 60k

Edit: looks like the cost is 1.5x not 2x now, I wrote this remembering it was 2x, doing the math now means you come up to 26k for the OD6 missions. Gold portal average is still way less than that, so the point still stands


You should have said that originally.
But even know its worse , since the fuel cost is .5 as much , meaning for 2 runs with the new fuel you could have done 3 with the old one.



I do have a question which have a pretty big importance:

What was the imbalance at first ? too high value/fuel ? or else ? ^^


So even the other portals got nerfed after all?
Well,another good thing ruined.


It isn’t another ts mistake?


Overral review :

This update stupid lmao


Wait wait wait wait
Can you let item portal as it is?or give it a better drop rate(most of the players get a legendary at 4 or 5 refills,so no,150 tokens for a legendary is not a good drop rate,do it something like 1 legendary at every 2 or 3 refills)
This is the last hope for f2p( nope,they won t pay for epics) and they won t support a game which do everything to make them pay

Geme is already hard enough for f2ps
That s balance?
Nope,take something,give something

Make energy capacity 146 for level 150
Then make the cost bigger

Or as i said,make a better drop rate

This is unfair for everyone…

Btw do you realise that some players are here just because they hope to get something good from next portal?


And they aren’t even aware that the Gold Portal doesn’t give any items when it should??

Sarah said this:

While Gold Portals don’t give anything.

Shouldn’t they give boxes,like before?

Plus…Why would they nerf the cost?What was so wrong about it…?


cough :money_with_wings::moneybag: