Cosmic_Guitar is hacking in battles if he is going to lose his battle

as u can see here i had plenty of cooldown but for some reason it would not let me cooldown if u see the whole replay it will show that i couldnt cooldown for some reason when i had plenty of heat to get one more shot to beat him but i just froze with no lag aquired in this battle my friend enojon will show u the replay of the battle in a video since i can only screenshot things but cosmic guirtar did hack to freeze my battle so he could finish me off

if u see my other replays u see i have no problem in them only in this one battle i couldnt move when i would have beat him but somehow he froze me…enojon will explain the rest better then i can

heres a better picture of the replay look at the end wouldnt let me cooldown then he stopmd me n beat me when i should have won that battle fairly



Look at the final 0 heat cooling

yep see theres the proof right there guys

@Sarah247 @Elcent

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This needs investigations, don’t just say he’s cheating because it’s literally impossible to change other player’s stats, specially during battles.

this is probably some kind of value bug from the server.

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You shouldn’t really be assuming here… Give the player the benefit of the doubt.

I call Lag/Glitch.


u sure its a glitch dere killin

u sure its a lag or glitch

No I’m not sure, I’m just keeping my mind open with some simple theories :slight_smile:

Very good point on that maybe sarah and elcent can decide the problem

Let’s hope they do… :+1: Unfortunate for you though.

Ask if you can have your star/stars back. Good opportunity

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Did this happen only once? Or more than once? You will have to check the replays of the other guy

I have a feeling it was some kind of lag from your side, you did cool down but you didn’t do anything for the next action point and he stomped you,

3rd and 6th replay <3

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yea exactly when i could have won but i froze for no reason

this sort of thing is hard to see from a replay as stats numbers dont always update instantly in the replay. If you send me the players ID ill have a look through but only sarah can see what really happened.

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Please stop trolling dude,as its unhealthy i don’t hack,either its a delay or glitch in the game its happens to countless players before,get good


Think about it for a tiny second if i was this main stream hacker i would be rank 1 full stars all the time and top of the raid,top clan top player…So rather get your facts straight before accusing anyone of this rubbish accusations