Cool Workshop Builds!

Perfect or not

A night eagle would be nice.

This or this

Or this


I will be amazed if anyone can make something with less health than this. Try to get less health than this monster, only rule is it has to be workshop unlimited. Anything else goes.

Same build with recoil stompers instead of dynamite boots

Suicide build!

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What do you guys think of this build??

Using this mech will probably “backfire”… get it?

Aight imma head out

You: ‘shoots both sacrifice cannons’
Enemy: ‘survives’
You: Ight imma head out

Vandal Rage always seemed like a great item, but I barely ever see it. This build is kinda utter trash, but I want to see what my unofficial build mentor says.
Almighty Viltisual, Holy @L4K3, I call on your judgement!

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Replace an engine with a cooling booster,remove the Vandal,add another plate.

Try to find some room for a Res Breaker,too.They are essential to making a Dual sorrow work in higher ranks.

You might as well get your Firely,since that’s your range.

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For a Vandal build,you’re 90% gonna need a Heat Bomb and a way to do good damage as well.

Otherwise you only have the seat from the Sorrow and,although sustained,the deficit of damage due to them not synergizing with some res breakers won’t make up for the additional turns gained.

You gain 2-3 turns,but you may lose more than that,as the damage this does with no res drain may prolongue it up to 5.

@L4K3, my response.
First post:
I’m making a vandal build, and since that removes vandal, no.
Second post:
I thought that vandal would res drain enough, but guess that isn’t enough. I’m gonna make it again now.

Have a feeling it’s gonna be trash just because Rusty Heat Blaster is gonna be trash, but seems like something that won’t be destroyed within 5 seconds of a fight. How can I make it actually good? Pretty much compensated for everything you said. Added a cooling booster, added Heat Bomb, and the blasters do res damage. Just don’t know if the weapons are good enough.
What would you think of a non-en-free version with Dawnblaze? Might be better, I dunno. Also might work with Flame Spear, but it’s heavier, so would take some weird adjustments to get that in.

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No,no.Gotta be energy-free and DawnBlaze is weak.

You know what,this is…Real good,at least on paper.

So you pretty much have a hybrid tactic.Tye Vandal/Bomb and the Dual Sorrow (substitute).
And since those things do more damage,they may work independently from res drain.

Okay.So you’ve got the heating factor,you’ve got the damage potential and you have limited resistance draining in a hybrid combo,making your mech quite flexible.On top of being energy-free.

Just beware!This build has a degree of playing difficulty.You’re gonna have to know how and which combo to use and if you mess up,how to use the other to gain more time.

It has good survivability but it doesn’t guarantee your win,especially since your weapons may do up to 1k damage to you,so make sure to use that Vandal-HB.

If anything,it’s a shame it can’t reliably drain resistance.Other than that,it’s super nice.

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Looking back on it, the Blasters combined with Nemo already do over 300 heat, and then there is the Vandal and Shower that kill 76 cooling in total, and the 20 cap damage from Nemo. At its best, it would take over 393 cooling to lose heat, which I think is some counter-level numbers. I think this thing might be my best build! Well, aside from the tried-and-tested dual Nightfall that is my current aim for my first mech.


@ooff_lord Lord, you have made me spend 15 minutes of my life into trying to create an abomination with less health than your monster… But I’ve finally bested your monstrosity with something that is much more non-existent… And now, you will have to spend an eternity in order to beat it if you wish to take back your throne!

Cain (Zarkares; Physical Build) and Abel (Avenger; Heat Build)


Really, because I had got that. I got it a while ago, maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago, and forgot to edit it in. Thanks for reminding me. How about we share the crown? This build is physically unbeatable.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t use one of the more unstable torsos for this unbelievably unstable build… But yet again, since when was Archimonde ever stable in the first place?