Cool joke Tacticsoft


Heya all!
Im open boxes on 5000 tokens but dont get new module.
And no one of my friends too.
So this news its fake?


Whence at you 5000 tokens??


of course its CHEATING-HACKING
And I was wrong, in fact, i open boxes on 500.000kkk tokens


lol its so fanny wtf lmao, teach

  1. Join to Reign
  2. Done


Frankly, I’m very disappointed in this game.

I’ve always been a clean player and now I have to compete with hackers.

So I will not invest even 1 single $ to look for any module, because when I get 1, the hackers already have 10 and without spending anything.

Screw them!


people apparently forgot about that the heat builds can grab this mythical as well


Is this module still there? I’ve lost count of the number of boxes i’ve opened since this came out but I haven’t seen one yet…


To me the same happened, but, to be honest, the truth is that the module no longer interests me.

In order for the module to serve something you need 2. Imagine that if get 1 is already very difficult, you will get 2…!

In the past I was a very good buyer and it took me 8 months to get 6 heat controls IV. I don´t regret it. But never again will I invest so much in a game that gives me nothing and also has so few controls that have been filled with hackers. From bad experiences, you also learn.

That’s why I say, there are people who 2 days after the new module appeared they had 6. Devs should investigate the acc of these people, so we all learned how many tokens to buy to have 6 of these !!

But they say there is no worse blind than he does not want to see.

  1. It’s a lottery based chance to earn any item. Meaning, it’s % and never absolute. You cannot blame a game for being unlucky. I’ve played games with these type of pay methods and yes, it seems unfair at times. But it is what it is. You are buying with a CHANCE to get something. You are not guaranteed anything.
  2. Hackers will be banned, but they must be reported. So therefore, all those things they hacked will become obsolete. Yes, it doesn’t change the fact that they beat you at some point. Sure, it sucks, but it is what it is.
  3. What does them having 6 of these even do? Not like that can put all 6 on their mech. If anything, I’d be mad if I bought things and kept getting the same damn myth over and over again (not that I would complain about it on the forums)


I can not get into the accounts of these people, just ask to be investigated.

Do not tell me that hackers are banned, I witness all the tests, screenshot that were sent to the admins. and others for the ZION case. And yesterday ZION was connected in chat.

Sometimes, the only way out is to say it publicly, to see if at least some hacker has some ethics left and feels shameful.


Im get 2 modules when playing in campaign for bigboy vid, and other i get with 3% (not 30%) chance.


It’s usually not just 1 hacker on the game. It’s 100’s. There are walls built into the system to catch a majority already and there are still 100’s that pass through these checks and make it into the game. You “say” you report them, but do YOU actually report them? Or is it people all recognize and assume SOMEONE reported them? Because most cases, the team doesn’t know to look. The SM team is small. They all have jobs outside of banning cheaters. Sometimes it’s simply lag time from ciphering through the 100’s of emails they get. They have deadlines outside of banning hackers as well. 24 hours may be their deadline, but for you, you feel you’ve lost to the same hacker 15 times now.

Now honestly, I do not know the circumstances for the particular case you mentioned. But am simply putting it out there. There are often common assumptions made. But there is no dedicated person to banning hackers, cheaters, etc on the SM team. That’s a side part of their main job duties.

Also, do note, sometimes accusations are baseless. Not saying that you should be the one investigating. You shouldn’t. But if you don’t submit and assume others did, if no one submitted, you can’t blame staff for not looking. They aren’t in game playing as you are. They don’t see these cheaters cheating. They have systems already in place to stop these things, so these people have already found a way AROUND being caught by these systems.


that myth is ridiculous, glad I stopped playing


I didn´t report, but I was forwarded all emails with Sarah’s corresponding answers in the ZION case. The tests and screenshots were crystal clear. Two months passed and I thought that ZION had finally been banned, until yesterday I saw him connected in the chat.

I don´t believe in chance. When 90% of the players who carry the new module in their 3 mechs belong to the same clan and they show the same flag, I think it at least draws attention.

It´s quite unfortunate that you tell me admins don´t know what goes on inside the game. I don´t know of any great or small Co. that do not control the money that is collected and what comes out of the stock. It isn´t the responsibility of the players to make the controls. This is not a cooperative.

We are being sold a product and we have the right to demand that the product is in good condition. There are organizations that protect this right.

Nor do you tell me that by hacking a game no one can be prosecuted. There are countries with very tough legislation for hackers. Last year they processed in Spain a game hacker. Exaggerated? I think it serves as an example for many.

Rgds. Nancy


In answer to 1.

Please don’t condescend, we’re aware that it’s a matter of luck. I’m actually questioning whether something is broken.

I’ve bought a number of ultra myth boxes (too many) that are supposed to give you 3 items, each with a 30% chance that the item will be something that isn’t already in your inventory. At the risk of sounding like an ###, I have multiples of every myth in this game so I thought my odds were pretty good that I’d see one by now.

So I’m asking the Devs if they could clarify the situation. Am I and others that experienced this simply incredibly unlucky? Or have they shelved this item for the time being? Or possibly there’s an issue with the 30% chance on the ultra myth boxes.


Wasn’t meant to condescend at all. I’ve been there on other games mate. I’ve spent $1000’s on lottery items to find out my friend buying $75 worth has MORE than I do out of luck. It sucks at times. I feel ya :yum: But if you wish for clarification on something, it is likely best to @Sarah247 so she knows to check something out.

I spend a lot of time here on the forums and I get overwhelmed easily at how many topics and discussion can pop up. It’s easy to skim through and not see all the details in the middle.


No problems man. Yeah, I probably should have tagged Sarah. It’s most likely just an issue of rotten luck, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask seeing as how this module is so proving so elusive for so many players.


The same is happening to everyone. But if you want a statistic, yesterday a clan partner spent 16,400 tokens to get 1 of these new modules. Plus everything he’ve been buying since this item appeared.

It seems to be the difficult card.


I personally managed to get this new module, however it was from my daily reward. Boxes may be bugged.