Cool dude in the forum


Hi everybody i’m fnaflover101, i have been playing super mechs for a while but i never checked out the forum, I am a level 30 by the way. I am trying to get people to join my clan so please do, its name is, “The Federation of Robots”.


Hi fnaf, Welcome to forum :wink:


Hello @fnaflover101 Nice To Meet You…Welcome to the Forums


FNAF is finished…
I always liked the lore



@Necromancer is this your welcome to her/him, making her/him a lot of fear :question:


W E L C O M E @fnaflover101 to the SuperMechs forum :exclamation:



Welcome to the forum @fnaflover101 , I am also new on this page and I am not familiar with the language and it is difficult for me.


Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome to the forum! :smiley: