Conversations with my pregnant wife

For those of you are planning on having children in your life, here is an example of some conversations you get to deal with.

Wife: Hun, I’m too sick to make food. Can you make me something?
Me: Sure, what do you want?
Wife: Anything. Whatever we have.
Me: I can make pasta. Or maybe a salad.
Wife: I need something with protein, otherwise I won’t last the night.
Me: checks around So, we really don’t have any chicken. We have beef, but nothing to put it in.
Wife: Well I have to have protein.
Me: Then go get some food from somewhere.
Wife: I don’t want to go out, it’s raining.
Me: Then I’ll get you something, what do you want.
Wife: No, I want you to stay here with me.
Me: …okay, then I’m staying here. What would you like me to make for dinner?
Wife: I dunno, something with prote- wait, didn’t we just talk about this?
Me: I dunno, did we?
Wife: I feel like we… no, I’m pretty sure I told you I wanted protein, pregnancy brain isn’t THAT bad.
Me: And I’m pretty sure I told you we don’t have anything.
Wife: Then we should go get something.
Me: …
Wife: …
Me: …
Wife: …
Me: …
Wife: …
Me: Where do you want to go?
Wife: What?
Me: For food.
Wife: Oh, I dunno. Should I bring Charles? (our 9 month old son)
Me: …what?
Wife: If we go, should I bring Charles with me in the car to help put him to sleep?
Me: …yes?
Wife: Why is that a question?
Me: Because if we BOTH go to get food, then why would we not also bring Charles?
Wife: No! I mean, if I go, I could put him in the car to… stops for a second Okay, pregnancy brain kicked in. Sorry.
Me: …
Wife: …
Me: …
Wife: …
Me: Baby?
Wife: Yes?
Me: Where. Do. You. Want…
Wife: I don’t know! walks off

So that just happened. Still figuring out where we’re going. I hope you’re all still looking forward to having kids!


Tell us when you figure out where you’re going to go to get some protein


idk why but this made me smile


this is great. i guess i am staying single after all

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