Constant complaining


Granted, bad things happen. So it makes sense to bring them up so they can be fixed. But oftentimes its things that arent that bad that just seem like something whinable, so people whine about it. The item limit wasnt actually that bad of an update now that its settled down. Neither was the new weapons and items that everyone (including me) were complaining about at first. After every update i see “you’ve made the game hell for us” and “we are all quitting and we hate this game” yet the players remain and most are still playing (gonna miss MochaLust :frowning:). If there is an issue, address it with the devs as a bug/issue post, in a support ticket, or in pm to a developer. All the “im quitting” is getting old.


What I dislike about the game (to me personally), is that I have stopped being competitive as I was before, because I don´t have myth HP plates.

Half of pro have them, but to me have been totally elusive.

That disappoints me a lot because know I don´t play badly, I’m not that bad a player, but I´ve to face people who don´t play so well, but win because they have myth HP or myth resistance.

So much that, in reality, I want to leave the game and if I have not done it yet, it´s because I am bad looking for other games and I have not found any that find attractive.


Well, i feel the same way. I dont bother with arena anymore past winning 5 games a day to collect daily reward. I dont play the game as seriously anymore. Its mostly a thing i do to let time go by. Grinding campaign


Agreed with everything in this thread.

First, holy shit, people need to stop whining. This game gets updated relatively often and the devs are trying. Even fixing the loot with the update today is great and saves a ton of time opening loot. All these things are great.

Second, yeah, the gap is frustrating at the top of the ladder. I’ve really enjoyed this game so I haven’t whined at all, and I appreciate what the developers have done. However, I’m currently hitting that final roadblock where I simply won’t be able to close the gap without finding some HP plates or some legendary/mythical-only weapons. I’m certainly not rage quitting, but I do find myself starting to play a whole lot less.


I can’t be bothered with this game at all now. I pretty much already quit in spirit, I just play 5 battles a day now.

And I still end up in the top 30.

I don’t even see @HappyPoppers in chat much anymore. :frowning:


I don´t hate the game, if I hated it so much I would not be here.

I have adapted to all the new updates that have appeared.

But I cannot get used to this difference. I work, live on my salary, the money is not born hanging from the trees to invest $ 1,000 a month in a game. I can invest just enough, but not beyond.

And cheater I’ve never been, and I’m not going to start now.


Support tickets get ignored, what is a forum for just saying how great everything is? Don’t think so. All the forums I ever been on are positive and negative stuff. Anyway, I quit because of this update so see yer :slight_smile:


I have tried it, I have done it, and now I am waiting for almost two months for responses to my 4 support tickets (and almost 1 month for the response to my last support ticket). And I will not send more. I wait until 15th November for the responses, only to send a Goodbye Sponsorship message to TS. If they do not respond, I WILL NEVER EVER SPEND A SINGLE DOLLAR MORE FOR THIS GAME. Will I keep playing it? I do not know, every shitty update makes me more and more frustrated. And why do I need to get frustrated in a video game??? FFS, games are supposed to be fun. Can anyone give me one example of “BEING FUN” in SM???
P.S. Notice I mentioned nothing about quitting…


I can give an example: Going to the chat and meeting HappyPoppers is fun… he will start talking about the 150 pigs in his house that appeared out of nowhere… maybe from another dimension ??

Or what about the time he converted his penthouse into a plane and used it to travel to the playboy mansion?

Oh, and he also found a treasure chest buried under a pile of garbage in his new house.


He is never online when I do! :frowning:


The garbage pile is true! … he sent me pics …


sent me them!



He sent it to me too… including the picture of the bathtub… that was one disgusting bathtub, I’d rather not take a bath for 1 month than sit in there!


His toiletship is pretty fun.

And that he got kicked of an University xD


And the story of when he was a prisoner in Vietnam?


Oh how could I forget his toilet ship? He told me his neighbour sued him for 2500 USD for it… for burning down the toilet ship.



never heard of it @wepwawet


honestly the toiletship was garbage hahaha


Ask @Fluxeon to tell you the story of Vietnam …


@Fluxeon tell me the story of Vietnam! :smile: