Considering quiting Super Mechs :(

I’m done! Always lose, win only if the opponent’s mech is weak, no token, no anything, i’m very tired


Sorry to hear that friend…

Just to point it out though, we all have been in your position in-game and maybe some of us still are ,
even if the magnitude is different even a Rank 1 player can be in your position.

So if I may suggest some things before you quit the game:

  1. If you are a free2play and not a pay2win player like me the use your mobile phone and get
    the free tokens from ads (4 x 2 = 8 tokens) every 1-2 hours.
  2. Use your tokens only during sales events and if the event is on special boxes and has double
    percentages then buy only silver boxes like I do for 14% of mythical and high chances you get
    myths since you buy more of them. Silver boxes cost on sales are usually 63-67 tokens.
  3. If you have not finished all the campaign missions yet please do so. They give tokens for clearing them the first time and SM and random item boxes that you can use for fusion or for even finding items you are missing though not mythical items. If you have then try to farm BigBoy (last mission) for SM (average 300000 SM per play through and some items) …
  4. … then use the SM from number 3 suggestion (farming BigBoy) above to buy mixed boxes
    for using items in them for fusion. Mixed boxes give the best average fusing item power per SM you 've spent on them. Also while buying normal boxes there is a chance to get a Mythical Item every some 150-200 normal boxes you open.
  5. Try to have cool-down times from PVP on campaign missions and on trying to finish achievements.
    Except for the X wins in arena achievement and the wining streak ones, ALL the others can be accomplished in campaign where opponent is the easier computer (like -10 res achievements for example)

I am kinda new to the game since I play it for about 3 months now… but using the above suggestions I have
managed to survive and have some respectable item inventory even If I am still missing some items
to complete my mech builds (I have 5 mech builds soon to be maximum 6)

ABOVE ALL though try to have some fun mate… this is a game after all :smiley:

I wish you best of luck whether you keep playing or you quit the game.

Nhưng xin vui lòng bạn bè xem xét tiếp tục chơi các trò chơi!

Và tôi hy vọng google dịch đã không sản xuất một cái gì đó ngớ ngẩn hoặc xúc phạm :slight_smile:

Tôi chúc bạn may mắn nhất!


This game is hell for free to play players.


You can always try to be innovative and work what with you have. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or not (but if your mech is innovative and effective, that’s great!) as long as you can find new and fun builds. Besides, you don’t have to have a top clan material mech. You’re just an ordinary player, no need to be pressured. :slight_smile:

im free2play and look at my mech :wink:

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You could get free tokens on PC too, but is terrible, they don’t give you your reward(s). (Their ““support”” is horrible too, they (not literally) tell you to f**k off on your first contact, then they simply keep deleting your following messages…)

Im free to play as well.
All drones (mythical) are optimal for those mechs as well.

Its quite easy to get good mechs. But I have been playing for 3-4 years now, so that’s why i have many myths.

@CRUSHERMARK3 For me it’s amazing to see your screenshots.
I understand very well what it means @ED-209.
If he can console you, this is my …

After about one year of free gaming and 6,000,000 XP.

The rest are mythical doubles, weapons that do not combine with each other and so many modules.

The algorithm, or how we want to call it, which determines what has to come out when the boxes open, can have different weights, so give more or less strong objects.

I add, but I already know what my fans will say, that someone know how to help the luck.

This game isn’t skill-based but moreover on luck on getting the right items ( atleast on this current supermechs ). In the older times, there was so many diverse kinds of mech. Sure, there’s the needle blaster meta ( and probably the Supernova too )but then, there’s more mechs that are actually fun to use with.

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Also, for example the new “level-up rewards” system gives you better rewards (at least because you get a mythical (or mythicals?) at lvl 30), so players who have reached lvl 30 before mythicals existed have worse chances/items/y’know…

I may get a lot of hate for this on an SM thread but…

Have you tried BattleDawn?

I believe Super Mechs originally was a mini game that featured on BD.


I dunno… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yes it was a mini-game named Battle Mechs

You can still play it And its not Pay to win (I like it more than SuperMechs for that reason)

But then it was developed to a new entity

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OHH Battle Mechs! I actually played it sometimes, but I forgot it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Been playing the game for about 2.5 years ( joined October 2014 ) , never spent money in this game. Here is my mech. Working on getting a few more cool down modules. I had a yoshimo power level 12, but that somehow glitched out and got deleted from the game.

Just play the game for 2 or more years and you will get many good items
Also wait for sales on gold boxes. Never use gold boxes if there is no sale, because then chance of mythicals drop significantly. I recommend only using your free gold boxes on July 4th and Black Friday, on those two days the best sales of the year take place. Also do the hard and insane missions, you get a decent amount of tokens for doing all of them. Prioritize cooling and regeneration the most. In rank one, try having more than 130 cooling and more than 50 regen. It prevents most heat mechs from double cooling you, and prevents energy mechs from dealing massive extra damage to you ( instead of dealing 150 Damage per turn, only one of the turns will deal massive damage). For HP, try keeping it above 700 if you don’t use godmode, and over 1100 if you do use godmode. If you have that much HP, you won’t need to worry about the negative resistances until late game. I used these “rules”, and it got me to all stars on rank one. If no godmode, consider using the +10 multi resistance or +11 multi resistance, since it is like extra HP. If you have any extra items that are not in use, consider using them into your torso. Your torso should be highly fused, that gives a lot of extra HP. Fusing into a weapon only adds one damage, and same for legs. You won’t really notice a difference in fused weapons until they are at least level 10, that is where the extra damage is enough to be helpful. Watch videos to get tokens, farm for credits to get more items for fusing.

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well I use BigNox (aka Nox) android emulator on my desktop … so I have a fully emulated android device for
all purposes and keep getting tokens as though as I used the app from mobile phone…

… no surveys no suspicious stuff :wink:


I totally disagree with that. This game is mostly based on your luck with the special boxes. Just checked my exact join date, it was November 8, 2014. That’s approximately 2 years and 6 months. Yet, my gear isn’t that impressive. Though I do have a puller mech, but the time gap between getting the whole gear is pretty laughable.

So, pretty much the gap is between 5-8 months.

you do know you can just quit without telling others right?

Yes it is skill based…

If you still get an top account with all myths, etc. you wont be first of ranking list…


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@Bluz Alright then, I was probably just lucky. Did some of my other tips work? I used that bottom paragraph as a type of guide, and it got my pretty far. Then again, everyone is different. I recommend watching some of aegis’s guides on the super mechs channel. They have a playlist of his vids. If you don’t know who aegis is, basically one of the best players of game for a short while.