Connection Issue


The Website is Like This

And The Desktop Client is Like This

I can not play game and The Android App is also not working


I think this has something to do on your part of the connection


the windows diagnostic says its website problem and the game starts on kongregate but does not logs me in


this moment


Hey, bro! Thanks for writing to us!
Does the issue exist still?
Did you try to clear the cache of your browser?


Cache-sided connection issue? What kind of advanced technology is that Lol


Now mine doesn’t work…
Doesn’t work on phone either…Of,what is going on?There are so many connection issues these days!


I’m reporting them right away, mate
Thanks for the patience :slight_smile:


Phew,hat was a fast reply.I’m glad that you,new mod,are doing your job so seriously!
Normally,it would’ve taken from hours to days.


I have been waiting days it happened to me when the new drone portal came and I feel so sad that I lost chance for getting it this is terrible.


Finally Fixed Now after 2-3 days i can play but still am really sad cuzz of that shortshocker


This Issue is again here i am really disappointed by SM is is some type of server issue please fix it soon i want to play


Hey, bro
The devs are working hard right now to annihilate this problem
Thanks for your patience, Rashid! :slight_smile:


You can’t access the game via website, right? Did you try another platforms today? :slight_smile:


Not today it started yesterday late night and I was not able to connect through Android then today I tried on my laptop both of my pcs and neither of them worked and tried restarting the modem but nothing seems a problem at my end it must be server sided problem