❤ Congratulation to ALL winners ! ❤


Sorry - no tokens for you (with that tip) :exclamation:

@Fluxeon is always funny :grey_exclamation:


Don’t take this the wrong way, but you really have no place to tell someone how to speak english.
Sometimes I barely get what you are trying to say. But you and @bestplayerintheworld speak / type well.
I am an American so my english is goodish, but I feel I lose people sometimes with slang etc…


You have told me this in the past. Well this is 2017 and I do what I want. I don’t need to act like anything, I act like me :heartpulse:


Did you really feel harassed?

I didn´t know you, neither fatter nor thinner. We had never crossed word. But you started sending me private messages trying to teach me how to play. At first I thought you was friendly. Then you got a little heavy, until in the end I had to answer almost rudely to see if you understood the message. I said “I choose my teachers”.

I thought that would end the matter, but it was not like that. Since I didn´t respond to your messages, you went to my personal facebook and left me a notice in one of my publications that had nothing to do with the game. I had to block you, to avoid greater evils, because I already had a bad experience with a similar issue.

Then you got upset because I wrote on this forum that energy dominated the game, and for no reason you took it as a personal affront. And started again to send private messages in the chat and here. The last one I received a few days ago and I didn´t bother to answer it.

And are you really the one who feels harassed?


I did that and all I see is BPOW congratulating top ranking clans and players. What was weird about it?


Yeah I felt bad for you, it got to the point that every time I beat you I knew there would be a topic about it in the forums.
So I started letting you win, then you called me a bad player instead of saying thanks and well that stopped I started stomping you every time I saw you then you started crying again about plates and spending money even though you are a cash player too. But I learned my lesson about you.


Read it again…


I was trying to keep it private because unlike you I do not need all my shit spread out on the forum in public. You love being the center of the shit I do not.
You are what we Americans call a squeaky wheel


I didn’t take it personally I expressed my point of view then you and your partner decided to follow me from post to post to post arguing with me. I sent you a private message asking you both to stop. You are the one that decided to ignore it and keep it going in public.

So yeah I felt harassed because even though I asked you both to stop many times you both refused.

Even the last message I sent you 14 days ago was one to make you stop. Then I just muted you only reason you are not muted now is because of the goat.

I guess you are to superior to me though to actually read a PM from a lower life form…God IHY


I went to your personal facebook because you said i was @Misfit and a man
You @Wepwawet are a lying turd. I tried to cam with you and you blocked me.
And if you want to get into it I started saving screen shots of everything so I advise you to back off once again.


And if you learned the lesson about me, Toxic. Why don´t you leave me in peace? I really don´t remember you, I don´t send you pm, I don´t take you into mind at all, you don´t turn out to be an interesting person to me. You are always the one who returns to me.


You can’t read very well huh?

I can’t help it you come across so high and mighty all the time, I just want to put you in your place…
Almost everytime I see you it’s like nails on a chalk board.


2 guesses so far :exclamation:

1 with around 90% probability

1 with around 1% probability (sorry @Fluxeon, but 5 battles a day is a little to less for a Single Gold Medal :laughing: )

(I think I won 1 Single Gold Medal with around only 350 wins, an other with 2500 wins, if needed I will find these screenshots :wink: … just a sidenote)

Any more guesses … 1000 tokens are waiting :exclamation:


My 5 battles a day will win me this special medal: :poop:


Nono, for the best @Fluxeon always only the best …


i am sure that my prediction win 1000T for my acc !!!


Sick meme! Why all the fuss here . Best was being nice to the winners .


Holly Molly, I can see some tough competitor. This feeling for Wepwawet is reserved only for me. Me! MEEEEEEE! MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


This thread spiraled out of control. Congrats to Krystal on her first medal


I can explain to you one day, every day, all day, months up to years, but I waste my time …

###I can not make him understand, someone who does not have the ability to do it