❤ Congratulation to ALL winners ! ❤


So I learn faster then all others ?


WOW I really must be a genius !

And so I won 1 or 2 Single Gold Medals ?

And winning Single Gold Medals is something bad ?

And it was in the new version of SuperMechs also ?

How many Single Gold Medals you won in this 1 and a half year ?

So many questions, have fun to answer it !



Nice, all of you, win : the most boring player award
it’s like an epic reward


well done little kid…
It was better when you don’t speak in Suicide Squad, really
go to change your diaper


I won 2,000,000 Gold with my last Single Gold Medal !

It counted double, cos something went wrong about the finishing of the tournament.

But 1,000,000 Gold isn’t a bad prize for a Single tournament win + Gold Medal !



Nice, you want candy or lollypops?
or other self-centered rewards?
Bye big players


Thats not true…reiko plays her account

Everything on that account come straight from me :slight_smile:


Are we done with this caper or should I call Scoob and Shag and round up the mystery machine? I won some Scooby snacks in a mixed box but item limit won’t let me get to them


The moment i will see a true white, blue and red american that runs his own buissiness and graduated collage, spell like you do [quote=“HappyPoppers, post:134, topic:6776”]
Everything on that account come straight from me

I will buy fat boy here another icecream.
This farce has gone long enough, Hpoppers no longer playes this game. And his account is piloted by another, that is a fact and you can take that to the bank.
I don’t care who pilots his account, i dont mind it, it is your buissiness, your affair.
But the fact that you lie… well that is a different issue. Nobody gives a flying pig azz who plays the accounts as long as they don’t do things against the rules, like scamming, token hacking etc etc.
But when it will be a cold day in hell, when a guy like Poppers, or another true american like se77en, will tackle the english language this bad on the written form.
If you gonna use an american’s account… have decency to stfu… cause english isn’t your native language… it is his :wink:


I do not understand what the problem is with these distinguished llyl players

attack to
@Rising , @bestplayerintheworld to @killymachine , to all the players of the clan, looking to generate a division, that favors them to recover a better position than they have, I think that is called “dirty war”

But what is the reason to do it?

Is it a lie that says bestplayerintheword?

she won her medals, whether they like it or not, do not go and see her medals.

the clan is winning very well excellent, other times will come in which we may continue to win or maybe we do not win, however as long as we remain in the position of honor is enjoyed.

I do not understand what your suffering is about the victories of HTK.

for everything they have a complaint in my country there is a refrain that says “they complain and scream more than a truck of pigs”

I do not want to talk about my opinion of the clans, what if I say is the big difference between llyl and HTK, in llyl when a player lowers their performance they throw it out, apart in the previous version using their position they robbed players mainly from HTK,

on the other hand, HTK remains firm in that we were losing but the true warriors sank with our clan no matter we will die with our boots on.

only some of them went running in search of clans that won medals, the true faithful stayed until the end we were only 5 or 6 players. and everyone made fun about it. however, we remain firm there.

with regard to rising I remember he was very discouraged at the end of the previous version, and every week we gave him encouragement, we told him quietly that better times would come, or calm we all went through bad spells, I remember saying in the chat many times HTK is not A clan is a family and as such it stays united and we support ourselves even if we are in the bad …

so good enjoy those who are winning and those who are losing should learn to cope with the defeats, “everyone knows how to win, but very few know lose”


That is wrong also :slight_smile:


It was not us who initiated this topic. Read the first post of this topic and tell me if you don´t see anything weird there.

You only collect what you sow. Sow winds and collect storms.

If I had been the moderator of this forum, I would have deleted the first message of this topic and we would have avoided all this.


Some people have strange facts @HappyPoppers @TheHunter @killymachine ;-), but we know from where it comes, so we can at least try to help them …


And you should be a little more educated and behave like a lady, not like a footballer or a fourth-category boxer.

Your jokes border on rudeness and bad taste.

That of throwing the stone and hiding the hand, to become the raped maiden, doesn´t suit you. With me it does not work.

You are in a public forum, calm down and learn to respect everyone equally.


Let’s stay topic please (no need to attack me all the time, take the help and all will be fine again for you) …

WHO will win this week ?

:question: :grey_question: :question:

First one guessing correct get 1000 tokens from me !



Hey now, there’s nothing wrong with Bestplayerintheworld’s jokes. They’re funny.

I think you fail to realize that you are on the Super Mechs forum. If you came here to respect everyone, you’re in the wrong place.


1- HTK clan

1- Rising gold star


Noticed … seems a very good tip :exclamation:

1000 tokens are ready :grey_exclamation:

Other guesses :question:


I really have to say people from HardToKill have been the nicest to me compared to Littlelost, Littlelost has some people that I really respect but the most vocal of that clan have hounded me to hating the game. I stopped being a top player and left my clan (I am a Reign Reforged girl and they have my heart, I miss them dearly) to try to get them to leave me alone. Everything I did was questioned by them, (they need to mind their own business.) They cry and complain about everything, they try to act like free players but most of them arent. And they will act like you are a bully if you are stronger than them, but I doubt they let weaker players win when they fight them… They sucked the joy out of this game for me and made me hate this community. They try to act superior but talk down to anyone that don’t agree with them. I don’t get any of it, I never did anything to any of them other than play the game*…

  • I did cuss them out and tell them I hate them after they hounded me for 3 months…


I feel you, they do that now for years with me, as you can read self !
(with no success hehe :wink: )

YOU @ToxicDoll will always have my :heart: :grey_exclamation:

You are a good one, and that is for sure :exclamation:



I will win this week