❤ Congratulation to ALL winners ! ❤


Evry player has his style… this is called formation of moves, a pattern is made in yout brain and you follow it, be it good or bad…
When the pattern breacks… that is a diferent “you”.


If they wanted people to play together on one mech, they would have made it where several people can share a mech each with their own logins. Otherwise if you want to play with someone, just invite them to your clan or something. In any chat in the game (and if you use common sense) it says that you should not give your login info to anyone. So, if you do and your account gets hijacked, you’re an idiot and it was your fault from the start.


Never give username and password!
They should make it bigger! and brighter!
No copiloting, no shareing, no multi accounts… just you and your mech, use your skill if you have, or just push bottons… works the same.


The “Bad Mind” acc worked for a while with 3 co-pilots. It was a good account and it worked very well, There was always a “Bad Mind” connected. I think that at that time they won 1 silver or gold medal (now I cannot remember which one). Then the acc returned to the hands of its original owner.

Bestplayer piloted the Old Exit and Dewah account and earned them some medals. Old Exit paid her for that.

There has always been this.


Damn, I must be really good and very trustworthy !

:laughing: :wink: :laughing: :wink: :laughing:


Yes, you were good at that time, then you fell.

And trustworthy for piloting other people’s accounts, I suppose so.

No one is totally bad or totally good, in all your evil, something good you must have.


Yup that’s what I said lol.


If I shared with someone I would always worry that they would get hacked and if I had the pass I would be a suspect. I skip all the drama and heartache and just play my own accounts. I do not get the point of account sharing or the point of multiple accounts. Having more than one account would make it harder to be strong in my opinion. I like to focus all my effort into one account and make it the best I can. The only reason I have 2 accounts is because I started playing SM on kongregate and moved to http://www.supermechs.com. Both of my accounts are named Toxic though.
This is my old konggregate account I no longer play it though. Would love to have the legacy items off it though for my pink machines haha. As you can see this old account of mine is way over the item limit still.


Where I fell ???

Explain please !


(still most Single Gold Medals (24 with huge distance to 2nd best) of ALL time, of ALL players, made in ALL version of SuperMechs, ALL medals played ALONE !)


Ok, tbh i have played on someone else’s account on SM before. But it’s a lad I’ve been to heck and back with (we played Battle Dawn together and lost a lot of sleep together and went through tens of thousands of tokens and still lost, together, so our bond is basically unbreakable). And it wasnt to play for rank or anything. He just isnt the grind type of person, and he has too many items but no gold, so i was grinding that for him (i currently have the opposite. 2 milli gold and 0 items because i gring 24/7 but i grind gold. Not items)


This just describes @El_Metre and @Wepwawet in perfect detail. You sure are talented for this ElNanoMetre.


finaly coming out in the open, how nice, let me be the first to say “Congrats”, it must have been really hard for you.
Tell us all about your experienced beeing “mentored”?
And do tell us do you bite the pillow really hard? or just nimble on it a little bit?


Funny, you don’t know the difference between a reply and a like in forum.
The only person who will like your pathetic excuse of a picture is wepwawet because she likes all of your posts like a slave.

Learn to use forums properly kid.


burned like a little gerble… roasted much?
Feel the burn… atho not comparable to your other “burns”(using a phone, small keys).
Lame as always.


Talk to me when you learn proper English grammar. :wink:

ElNanoMetre now made into ElFemtoMetre. :joy:


This guy is too broke for a PC. He spent all his money on tokens.



You must use verb tenses correctly to avoid confusion …

You were a good player (in the past). You are the one with the most medals in your account (in the present). You are not the best player (also in the present).

Something like “I was the best swimmer in my club, I accumulated national & international medals and cups (maybe I’m the one who accumulated more of these). Now I’m not the best swimmer (although I’m still linked to the Institution)”.


You have no idea Killymachine, the talents that El Metre has.

You will have to paddle hard to catch up with him. And still, he will always go 10 steps ahead of you.

Don´t be offended my friend, but whoever is born to be a whistle, never becomes a bugler.


No need to get angry about some facts about me …

  • still most Single Gold Medals

  • 24 Single Gold Medals (with huge distance to 2nd best)

  • most of ALL time,

  • most of ALL players

  • made in ALL version of SuperMechs

  • ALL medals played ALONE

  • first player with more than 100 Medals

So lets stay topic again …

:ribbon: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N :ribbon:


:fireworks: ALL :fireworks:

:skull: HardToKill :skull:

:+1: members :+1:

:star: Clan Gold Medal :star:


:rabbit: Reign Reforged :rabbit:

:gift: Clan Silver Medal :gift:


:monkey: Littlelost your lost :monkey:

:tulip: :poop: :tulip: Clan Bronze Medal :tulip: :poop: :tulip:

:ribbon: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N :ribbon:


:rocket: @Rising :rocket:

:star: Single Gold Medal :star:


:palm_tree: @Algerianno :palm_tree:

:gift: Single Silver Medal :gift:


:lion_face: @[HTK] Hamza the Lion :lion_face:

:tulip: Single Bronze Medal :tulip:


@bestplayerintheworld, Here I have to make a small parenthesis about your psychological game.

A year and a half ago, when I met you, fame preceded you, but was no longer a winner. Maybe the same fame killed you, I don´t know.

Two months ago, at the beginning of this update, you performed 2 actions in parallel, which may illustrate how you got your gold medals. You appeared here in the forum ranting against tacticsoft and urging people not to invest more in the game. You even seemed to be a good person, worried about everyone’s situation. Almost everyone agreed and you won many “like”.

In parallel, you built a mech in 2 days, in which you yourself recognized that invested 8,000 tokens. And while you had all distracted in forum, u was killing them in battles.

Of course, that lasted for you only 2 weeks, when the others learned to deal with the update, your reign ended.

2 weeks that were enough to win 1 or 2 more gold medals, with your psychological trick.

That’s how you work, Bestplayer.