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The earth is not flat, satellite imaging proves that, you can go into a supersonic jet or the vomit comet and see it yourself.
But your statement that earth has gravity proves it is a sphere is incorrect. All true matter in the universe produces gravity.
Dark matter is a totally different beast which is why I say true matter.


Yes it is Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation
F= ----------

I can’t type formula on this computer it has no imaging map program.
My second post is for surface gravity



Gravity is caused by mass-energy, momentum, pressure and stresses.(also known as the The stress–energy tensor) Radius really has no part of it except to find the mass of the object. Like I said just because something produces gravity does not mean it is a sphere. All things made of normal matter that have mass produce gravity.


I know that gravity doesn’t define shape. With your human’s having microgravity statement, think about polar molecules like hydrogen fluoride where the fluorine is more electronegative than the hydrogen therefore it can attract electrons towards it.


Then how does your statement that gravity proves the earth is round stand then Killy?


Flat Earth people believe there is no gravity.


That’s not my point the statement you made does not disprove that.


Scenario: parachute jumping from a plane and reaches terminal velocity.

What forces are being imposed onto them?

-Air resistance
-Weight (gravity)


I’m really just playing with you killy… Though my math is correct. It seemed like a fun topic but meh… -hugs-


I understand the The stress–energy tensor i was the person who brought it up. You don’t have to explain it to me.


My little contribution to the topic (which is not the topic, but …) …

This image is star scheme of the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere at the same time of year. When you travel from one hemisphere to the other, the stars you see are different. If the Earth were flat, we would all see the same stars at same time of year, but that does not happen (from own experience).


@Wepwawet believes in this version.


I am and always will be only pilot on that account :slight_smile:


What about the pilot on your private jet? The one that you use to take vacations to Austria all the time?

Maybe you can get him to take me too… I need a vacation. :slight_smile:


Nice, nice , nice.
Don’t you love the austrian accent that Poppers has, evry now and then on the chat?.
Must be from all that skiing done this summer, in Austria.


I have feeling you guys are starting to talk about best ?

Yes tacticsoft would not give us good platform for clan management so we make up our own :slight_smile:

But im the only one that play (pilot) on that account.


Let them talk @HappyPoppers

a Littllost player admitted that se77en account was piloted from 7 (!) different players during his Single Gold Medal Try !!!

Good thing I smashed his account for that TRY !

1st bestplayeroftheworld
2nd se77en

One of the sweetest Single Gold Medals ever !
(from my 24 !)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Maybe they should try with more people !


P.S.: giving his account details (uername & password) to 6 other people and after crying that the account got stolen = :laughing:


I saw your acc with an Austrian flag. And while it´s possible that sometimes you yourself are the front of your account, in others, it´s public knowledge that Reiko is the one who pilots your acc. And it´s even possible, although not demonstrable, that the injection of tokens that have been put into your account, does not come from you.

But, I don´t see anything bad or out of place in that. What’s more, I’ve always thought that an ideal account should have 3 pilots. Team work.



OMG we need again the SuperMechs police !!!


A scandal !


Some people have really hardcore-paranoia !



And if they had been told all this and it seemed so wrong, why did you admit him into your clan?

You wanted to redeem him?

P.S. Even when he “cried saying that his acc had been stolen”, you continued to hold him into your clan. Who are you? Mother Teresa who welcomes all sinners?


I would never share my account info and i would never want someone else’s. If anything happened it’s a good way to lose a friend and ones account. I am a believer in one should stand on their own merits. But this explains a lot when I play people in game they have “habits” and sometimes they change these “habits” for no reason then change back another day.