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The question is what is Earth’s mass and how do we know Earth’s mass? Since its thickness is greater than any hole that a drill has managed to make (so, we dont knoq the thickness) and nobody has ever been to the edge or knows how far out it goes after you reach the point of gasoline freezing and heavy blizzards through which no human has passed (so, we dont know the full dimensions)


Why did Rising have to go and make a celebratory thread into a flat earth debate?


Mass of Earth = 5.97*10^24 kg


Nice. You posted some numbers somebody made up.


I remember in science class they had us make up our own planets and we would have to figure out the gravity and mass of the planets and every little detail and name them. That is basically what globe “scientists” did about Earth. Made up a bunch of numbers and made sure they all agreed on it and plastered it all over the internet and textbooks so it gets further ingrained.


Why not put the ‘flat Earth’ on some scales and weigh it then…


Find me a scale big enough and a way of putting it on that scale and I’ll do it

And a scale measures weight. Not mass


This word proves gravity exists :smiley:


I wasnt able to explain it to you in any other words, since you yourself believe in gravity


Please explain in words if I didn’t believe in gravity.


I was distinctly told by a moderator to be nice. So you’re off the hook for now, buddy


If you werent a believer of gravity, i wouldnt have mentioned that scales measure weight instead of mass


You can refer to the thread below for further explanation or to continue this conversation. We’ve already went too far on another topic and made it off-topic


I will look into flat Earth evidence, proof and come back to you.


I do not fully support everything that is included into flat earth theory by others


Because its my thread and everybody can feel free to discuss here whatever she/he want, as far they break no forum rules !



I propose my new theory: No Earth theory…

There is no Earth at all … !

Open your eyes everyone !


Correct, we are just on a particle !
And the Universe is a …

High Heel


didn’t see any reward??? WTF…


Near infinite
And still gravitation does not prove shape. A human being has microgravity are they spheres?