❤ Congratulation to ALL winners ! ❤


I think @El_Metre is jealous :wink:


Well i think you is a “pet”


Despite that fact you use your profile picture depicting an animal… @El_Metre got EL_Flawed logic wise.


Buy a catapult!


Deus Vult


Killy, I liked more the little pig, it seems sweeter…


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Cool story, just another typical action by you to catalyse an argument.


Where was the argument? Did the two of us have an argument about something?
Different opinion on some subject?


The funny thing about HTK (and I’m going to say it with objectivity) is that HTK is up because have Rising.

And I will not say if I consider Rising good or bad player, because it´s not the issue, but he, with all that expensive last generation equipment manages to beat almost everyone and stay for weeks in the first place.

And when Rising connects (which is connected for a good part of the day), most players from other clans disappear, only the members of HTK are left playing. And that is the reason why your clan is up.

The point is that Rising can be a time bomb, in the sense that he´s not fond of the clan, he just has his personal reasons to be there. So at any time you are left without Rising and then we will see who of the foals are going to go out on the field if want to climb again.


That “almost” just warms my heart…


That “almost” is for you, yes. You are the exception to the rule in many good ways.

But he´s much time than your connected and plays a lot with the advantage of hour difference.

Last night I was looking at this and I was about to make a screenshot to be seen. Rising was connected and everyone went, only 3 HTK players were left playing and taking advantage of the climb (they grab noobs and some distracted pro). And this I have seen many times.


We also have jobs, education, life to deal with. We are not like you and El Metre who spend all day on their PC.


That “longer” thing… i am guessing is a subjectiv thing. I am 1.97m 110kg, so it kinda looks “average” for the build… but put it on a smaller frame… and people start yelling…“The Tripod”… @Mordulec, you had that problem too?


Ahh… the wonders of tehnology… you can take your PC for a walk too… but it need no leash.
Need another walk Killy? Damn his bladder is weak… must be a skill thing.


@Elcent @Gaurav @Malicewolf

I feel like I have acted reasonably and with restraint. Please deal with this issue asap.



@killymachine You did not understand anything I wrote, right?

What I meant was that no player from another clan was playing between 1 and 20.

Even I was connected, but I was not playing.


Listen, if you behave, I behave.
You didnt start this thing, your mascott did.
Let me put it simple, remove the mention of our clan Llyl from your posts, stop trying to insult us, and i will stop Roasting you.
Take that to your mascott, and be done with it.


Clearly a bait post… the Lion clan doesn’t even exist anymore. :slight_smile:


Somewhat observant but not quite right.
I left LLYL for personal reasons similar to the other players that left at same time. We formed a clan under POW/Powtaito and then Se77en but I wanted to play competitively so I left. That was at the time the game was seriously imbalanced infavour of rockets, heat and push mechs. I have always liked playing energy builds and none of the clans were interested in a player that could barely maintain 60% win. That was also around the time the game had problems with correct ranking and while HTK was stuck without a leader the members quickly abandoned ship (a sign of character and where did they go) . I am not going to lie and say I have never had issue with HTK in the past but I have to give a shout out to the HTK players that stayed true to their clan. Especially Happypoppers for stepping up. I would even go so far as to say it was reminiscent of the esprit de core that originally drew me to Se77en’s LLYL. Despite the things I have previously said or thought of HTK I was welcomed and as long as the clan remains friendly within I am going to stay.
FYI re you comment of the time difference; I am on the other side of the planet (yes stories of it being round are true) to most of you and I work an call / between contingencies I log in finish a couple of battles and move onto next issue.


I also admired tenacity of Poppers, but now Poppers is not. The only thing that remains is his acc with another pilot.

And that pilot, whoever he/she is, is precisely the one who takes advantage of uploading when you are connected.