Congrats yo yo man!


welcome to hell yo yo man


Ain’t he already in hell with those heat mechs of his?


if he had magma,he would get to rank 4 more often.


Heat mech user = you are a terrible person

Don’t be a heat mech user

Just don’t

Or else I will find you


you say that just because you use low heat mech :bb


Heat mech is love.

Yo yo, i know you read me. Congrats mate. Well done, you finally worked on those modules didnt you…


find me
i would like to meet you despite what you say about me


Congrats YoYo. Hope you reach higher ranks soon.


So there’s beef between you and this nagging twot?


dont insult him.
it will just anger him more.
he just hates me but i got no problems with it.
you cant be loved by all.


boci are you hiding?
why do you keep deleting your posts seconds after you make them?


He is playing hide and seek!


well the hiding spots are pretty obvious.
we are getting off topic here


I hide and you seek


Do you want tea or coffee?


Neither. I want to kill myself have something to eat.


Damn gorgy spitting bars rn :fire::fire::fire:


Which one ^:

:musical_note: Hey, I know you’re in thereeeeee :musical_note: - Frozen
:musical_note: Kiki, do you love me :musical_note: - Drake